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Risks from Ablative CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

After having done some research, it seems that one of the largest risks/complications of ablative CO2 Laser resurfacing is permanent hypopigmentation.... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser for Syringomas Under Eyes - Risks? Outcome?

I recently posted a question regarding the bumps under my eyes. Both my dermatologist & the doctors who reviewed my picture on this website said I... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 on lines above lip - What is the risk of uneven color when only doing that area AND how long will redness last?

Pale 60 year old - moderate wrinkles above lip - smoked socially for 12 years - age 21 to 32. When can the redness be covered up completely by... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Combine CO2 Fractionated Laser with Perlane, Restylane and Botox in One Session?

I am planning on having CO2 fractionated Laser in conjunction with Perlane (2syringes), Restylane (2 syringes) and Botox in 3 areas done in one... READ MORE

Are there any risk factors involved in laser treatment?

I havr moles all over my face and dermatologist suggested me to go through fractional CO2 laser treatment.I am concerned as it is a matter of face .so... READ MORE

Is the CO2 laser right for my acne scarring and large pores? (photos)

I am 22 years old with acne scarring and very large pores. My acne is has been under control with the use of Tazaroc and Benzaclin. I have read both... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Have Co2 Laser Resurfacing and Done in Another Country?

Lets say in south america. I want to get co2 laser resurfacing done to get acne scars, a rhinophyma looking nose (right side nose only), and sun... READ MORE

I have deep rolling and boxcar scars, I was recommended to get fractionated combinated Erbium and CO2? (Photos)

I was also recommended to get Medical rolling CIT and subsicion with fillers. Do you think Is better for me to try the Medical roll CIT instead of... READ MORE

Does a redhead run a higher risk of scarring from a fractional CO2 laser?

I have read that redheads have thinner skin. I know for a fact that my skin is quite sensitive. I have minor acne scarring and I would love to try a... READ MORE

Too young for CO2 lasers?

I was at a medi spa about a year ago and my nurse had asked me what i was there for, i explained that i was there for fraxel repair and restore laser... READ MORE

Risks of fully ablative CO2 laser?

İs the risk of Fully ablative co2 laser more than other types of laser or same? READ MORE

Co2 laser resurfacing risks (photo)

Hi, My doctor who is performing my laser has told me there is no risks involved providing I look after my skin after treatment. EG - Avoid the sun etc... READ MORE

Best treatment for syringoma under my eyes? Is Ultrapulse CO2 Laser effective? Is there a scarring risk? (photo)

I have multiple syringomas under my eyes. I am wondering if ultrapulse co2 laser is effective to treat syringoma and whether there is scar risk. I am... READ MORE

Risk from co2 laser resurfacing ?

What is the risk from co2 laser resurfacing I have heard that the permanent hyperpigmentation is biggest risk The skin became dark and does not fade... READ MORE

Redness after laser co2 treatment and somewhat afraid of hyperpigmentation risk 4 weeks after laser c02? (Photos)

I did laser co2 laser on my skin 4 weeks ago, redness has faded but still on my skin, i apply in the morning a moisturizer and at night a anti... READ MORE

Laser eCO2 and erythema?

Are there any risks in using a fairly strong erythema creams before surgery with laser eCO2 on the average depth of the scar (high laser powers). Is a... READ MORE

Lutronic CO2 Mosaic - Risks, Pain and Post-Op care?

What is pre/post treatment care? Does it hurt & for how long? What are the risks? How long has Mosaic been being used? READ MORE

What is a substitute for aquaphor following fractional CO2 laser and how much sun exposure may I get If I go outside?

I had fractonal CO2 laser done yesterday and was given a very small sample size of aquaphor and told to use it for the first 4 days. It lasted 1 day.... READ MORE

I Just Received Equinox Co2 Laser Treatment and May Be Pregnant?

I took several pregancy tests prior to treatment, all negative. My husband and I were going to begin trying for a baby in the next few weeks. I even... READ MORE

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