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Fractional Co2 Laser: Large Pores - Permanent?

Are the results (2-3 treatments) with the Fractional Co2 laser for larger/deeper/noticable pores (facial) forever? Asuming that the 2-3 treatments... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar Still Red 5 Weeks After CO2 Laser Resurfacing. Will the Redness Go Away?

I had CO2 lazer resurfacing done on a hypertrophic (2 inch long) scar on my chin. Its original appearance was light pink with a medium firmness to it... READ MORE

Scratching After CO2 Laser Treatment. Have I Harmed Results?

I Had Co2 Laser Treatment 4days Back...n Due 2 Itching I Scratched my Skin..will It Harm? face READ MORE

Fractional co2 vs. Picosure focus for acne scar?

Doctors, can someone tell me the difference between the two lasers in terms of result, number of tx required, collagen remodelling capability, etc? I... READ MORE

Are These Fractional CO2 Results Realistic? (photo)

I was quite surprised by the improvement degree of the patient of the attached photo, from READ MORE

What should I expect 3 months out from Fractional CO2 Laser? Have I reached my expected results?

My skin is very rough and dry. Daytime I use 50 spf. What is best night time moisturizer to use. READ MORE

CO2 Laser: Does Skin Type Matter?

Which type of skin has better results? READ MORE

Will very slow healing effect the results of CO2 laser resurfacing? I'm 6 weeks post.

I am 6 weeks post co2 laser and I'm very red with hyperpigmentation. I also have lots of breakouts, big pimples.I've been advised to use hydroquinone... READ MORE

Can a traditional CO2 fully ablative laser resurfacing get rid of this acne scars? (photos)

The other option a doctor offers is the deepest phenol peel called the baker gordon peel, he says this peel goes deeper as the co2!What would be the... READ MORE

Are there any procedures that could help me grow new skin and have a better texture? (photos)

Ready done a session of CO2 laser with PRP, it gave great results for overall quality but I still see so many flaws with my texture. I am in front of... READ MORE

Plexr V CO2 laser for lips?

Which is gives the best results Plexr or laser on lip lines READ MORE

Could this hyperpigmentation be a result of the MiXto SX CO2 Fractional Laser? (Photo)

May 21st, did the MiXto SX CO2 Fractional Laser. June 9th, follow-up appointment and nurse said I had been out in the sun and had hyper pigmentation.... READ MORE

Angry & worried. Got full face laser today. Shoddy CO2 fractional resurfacing. Will I get the results I am looking for? (Photo)

Asked dermatologist to do a deep resurfacing on my face. Quickly did my forehead and nasal areaand left. The pain was unbearable even after having the... READ MORE

Help for grid marks and hypopigmentation 3 years after Pixel CO2 fractionated laser? (Photos)

48 yo: 3 yrs ago I had 1 Pixel laser trtmt at the lowest setting.i had several IPL yellow/green and a Clearlift prvsly with very good results and... READ MORE

Can CO2 laser treatment create large circular scars?

Last May I had a full face CO2 laser treatment. Results were negligible, however now I am developing 3/4" diameter circular scars on my face, so far... READ MORE

No Improvement on Acne Scars (Co2 Laser)

I have acne scars ( shallow ) not too deep but can be seen when looking closly at my face . The plasic surgion said that I need 3 session of co2 laser... READ MORE

Is the Matrix CO2 Laser Worth It?

Wondering if the Matrix C02 laser is worth the expense and down time. I'm looking for wrinkle reduction (especially under eye and upper lip) and... READ MORE

Lines Returned 2 Weeks After CO2 Laser Treatment

I am a little upset after my co2 laser treatment. My dermatologist promised me that my wrinlkles will be gone. They were for several days and now they... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results from laser treatment for wrinkles?

It has been 3 weeks since I had CO2 laser treatment on my face for wrinkles. (Ellman Cortex CO2 and ER:Yag laser). I'm not seeing much of a difference... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Results. Are These Reasonable Results or Did They Likely Have Another Treatment? (photo)

Is this a reasonable result to expect with CO2 laser is it likely the patient also had another treatment? Are these achievable results in your... READ MORE

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