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What product can I use to reduce redness after aggressive CO2 dot laser treatment? (photos)

I am 11 days out & still have extreme redness. I am black Irish & scar easily & tend to hyper pigment. What product do you recommend to treat the... READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation and redness after fractional co2 laser. What can I do? How long will it last? Is it normal? (Photo)

I had co2 done1 1/2 months ago and am experiencing hyper pigmentation and redness. I have had this done before and never had these side effects. In... READ MORE

I had co2 laser on full face & neck 6 months ago. Now I have laser tracking lines on most of my face. What should I do? (photos)

The doctor who performed the co2 laser procedure wants to do my face again but this time will go the opposite way with the laser. I am very... READ MORE

I am considering having Co2 laser under my eyes to smooth out long wrinkles over my cheeks, will it smooth them fully? (photo)

I had a face, neck and eye lift 12 years ago with Co2 laser under my eyes. several years later a doctor injected scuptra under my eyes as filler,... READ MORE

How much would a CO2 Laser Treatment cost me for treatment of my nose - acne scars and pores? (photos)

The rest of my face is pretty much smooth and only my nose needs work? My main acne problem are raised scars on my nose..and also very visible pores.... READ MORE

Aftercare after CO2 Ablative Laser for a Scar Revision to Neck. (photo)

Hi Doctors, I just had a large bad scar on my neck and chin lasered at Mass General Hospital by a top surgeon. It crusted over with a dark crust... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment for Dermal Hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm 22 years old. Five years ago in age 17 I noticed one morning that I had kind of brown mark on my left chick. It looked like it came... READ MORE

Uneven skin under eyes after CO2? (photo)

Hi Doctors, This photo may not help much, but 7 weeks ago I had CO2 laser resurfacing under my eyes along with upper/lower bleph. The skin was open... READ MORE

Redness on chin 7 months after CO laser treatment. Will these red patches disappear eventually? (Photo)

HI, I had CO lazer treatment on my upper lip and chin in January this year and I still have red patches, after 7 months will these disappear... READ MORE

Does this look like scarring? (photo)

From my photos, does this look like scarring? I am only 26 days post periorbital CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, and the doctor who did this says it... READ MORE

Based on these pics, does my scarring look treatable with Fractional CO2? (photos)

Does my scarring look severe or mild? Can the redness be eliminated with Fractional CO2 by a renown plastic surgeon? Also, I am south Asian, but I am... READ MORE

Co2 laser (Photo)

I had a co2 laser done 8 weeks ago and this is what is going on. I have pin holes all over my face. What is going on? Is this the result, like I said... READ MORE

I don't look old enough, therefore, I'm told I may not have CO2 laser resurfacing? I need deeper wrinkles first? I'm 47! (Photo)

I'm suppose to look old first before having this procedure? That doesn't make logical sense to me. What would it hurt? I think I'd be on top of my... READ MORE

Is this damage from improper use of CO2 Fractional Laser? Is this thermal damage from the laser? Will this go away? (photos)

I had laser resurfacing with the smartXide co2 fractional laser on March 27th for acne scars. Its been exactly one month later, I have prolonged... READ MORE

Does Fractional CO2 Laser treatment work for back acne scars? (Photo)

Hi, I have been suffering from acne scars all over my back (and butt) for more than 3 years now. I have tried to use whitening creams, chemical... READ MORE

Does CO2 or ProFractional laser work better on bad stretch marks? (photos)

I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy and got very bad stretch marks on my stomach. Now that I have lost most of the weight I'm looking into getting my... READ MORE

Opinions on the Excelo CO2 laser for lipstick lines. (photo)

I've never heard of the Excelo2 laser until today and wondering how effective it would be in treating my lipstick lines which have bothered me for... READ MORE

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