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Fractional Co2 Laser: Large Pores - Permanent?

Are the results (2-3 treatments) with the Fractional Co2 laser for larger/deeper/noticable pores (facial) forever? Asuming that the 2-3 treatments... READ MORE

I have CO2 eight months ago. I still have a dotted pattern in my skin left from the laser. Are those dots permanent? (photos)

I have CO2 in December last year. Acne scars did not improve at all. Now 8 months after, I have a dotted pattern that goes across my face looks like... READ MORE

Had C02 laser 4 months ago, and it left me with permanent scarring on my face. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Almost immediately it felt like there were liquid gel caps under my skin. They migrated up to my epidermis and were white, oval, itchy empty craters... READ MORE

There may be permanent damage after a CO2 laser fractional? I'm a 29 year old woman, married, with a daughter of 3 years (Photo)

I'm very concerned about the state of my skin. On the 3 day I had an infection on right cheek and chin, which was treated with antibiotic pills and... READ MORE

What would be best, CO2 laser or scar revision for a permanent result? (Photo)

I have two scars on my face that are over ten years old that have gotten worst over the years ( more depressed and more noticeable) I've gone through... READ MORE

Can UltraPulse CO2 & Erbium laser cause permanent skin damage? Laser gave me "orange peel" skin texture & grid marks. (photo)

It has been 4 months since I had UltraPulse CO2 procedure done on my entire face with an additional Erbium laser procedure done around my... READ MORE

Will my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH) fade or is it permanent? (Photos)

I had CO2 laser mole removals on 2 flat dark moles. It's been 2 months since my treatment and one of the moles has returned in the form of a very... READ MORE

How much time can hyperpigmentation take to fade?

I developed my pig from co2 laser on my biceps...still not fading its been 7 month...I want to know how many months pigment can last .. And does It... READ MORE

I'm 21 with moderate acne scars and pale skin. Is the traditional CO2 laser safe? How often does permanent scarring occur?

Hello, I'm 21 years old and I have moderate acne scarring that I would like to improve. My acne scars are the rolling kind and I have pale skin. I've... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser 5 weeks ago but the treated area is still red. Is this normal, or a possible permanent side effect? (Photo)

Judging by my photo, are my results typical of a lighter olive skin-tone? Should I use the RX hydroquinone or should I get a second opinion? Please... READ MORE

I have undergone CO2 fractional but I have scarred my face I cant even look at mirror. Any suggestions?

Dear doctor. I have undergone CO2 fractional but I have scarred my face and lost my olive skin I cant even look at mirror,I need Help else I ll die of... READ MORE

Scarring from Fractional CO2 burn? (Photo)

This is 4 days post fractional co2 is this permanent? what can I do about it? READ MORE

Is hyperpigmentation after co2 laser treatment permanent?

I had develloped pigment on my biceps after laser treatment.. Its been 5 months still it is not gone ...I want to know can be hyper pigmentation after... READ MORE

Does extreme swelling of the face after fractional C02 laser permanently stretch the skin?

Hi i am 42 and have had one fractional C02 treatment, my face swelled up like a football and my eyes were almost shut. I am planning a second... READ MORE

Regarding CO2 Fractional laser. Are there any side effects? Are they permanent?

Hello, I am from India and visited dermatologist who recommended CO2 fractional laser for treating acne scars to be done 3-5 times within 45 days.... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing. What risk are there? Does it permanently reduce pore size?

I'm looking to get a fractional co2 laser. I'm in my 20s couple questions... What risk are there? Does it permanently reduce pore size? Do I need to... READ MORE

I had my Lutronic ECO2 last Jan 15. Now my acne scars have become darker with sunken skin and I develop hypopigmentation (Photo)

Is the Lutronic ECO2 laser damage my skin?? Is this permanent? Can it be corrected? My third treament ECo2 laser will be on Feb 26.. Do i need to do... READ MORE

CO2 Laser & Skin Resurfacing. How many treatments do I need before I can see improvement and is the result permanent?

Hi I keep having milia seed developing on both side of my face mostly on jaw area. It's been bothering me since my teenage time until now that I'm... READ MORE

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