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Scarring After CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

My skin look worse 4 weeks after CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment. It went from smooth to looking like a sponge. What can I do? READ MORE

Can Post CO2 Laser Treatment Hyperpigmentation Be Treated? If So, How?

Can Post CO2 Laser Treatment Hyperpigmentation Be Treated? If So, How? READ MORE

Redness and Brown Spots After Fractional CO2 Treatment, Is This Fixable?

Im 30 y/o W F -Deka Dot Matrix Resurface about 7 wks ago A week after procedure I turned so red w/intolerable itch I was out & I started sunscreen... READ MORE

Under-eye Area Scarring, Wrinkles After Fractional Co2, Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Fix This?

I had a full-face fractional Co2 laser treatment over a month ago. Now when I smile I have a very noticeable hollow, wrinkly area beneath both eyes.... READ MORE

How to Fix Sunken Lower Inner Eyelids?

I just had CO2 Laser Eyelid resurfacing. Pics 3-4 (2 mos post procedure.) Still have shadows of inflamed skin. Pleased with the upper&outer... READ MORE

CO2 Laser on Entire Face for Acne Scars on Left Cheek?

I have shallow acne scarring on my left cheek. I've had numerous treatments (TCA 35%, Erbium Laser, as well as fillers. The scarring bothers me enough... READ MORE

Pigmention After Fraction Co2 Treatment, How Can I Get Rid of This?

Hi I had co2 treatment on my whole face about 3month ago.but I get dark brown pigment under my eyes and my cheekbone.i did go back to my clinic and... READ MORE

22 years old, so many depressed scars from chickenpox. Can multiple sessions of FCO2 laser resurfacing improve it?

I wanna ask if multiple sessions of fco2 laser resurfacing procedure can really improve deep chickenpox scars? Or is it subsicion and microneedling... READ MORE

Co2lasering. Redness On Smile Lines and Chin and Getting Worse?

I had the procedure done 3/30/12, since then I have dark redding in a couple areas specifically on the smile lines and chin. It almost seems like its... READ MORE

Will CO2 Laser After Blepharoplasty Affect Eyelids?

Hello, I’m 28 years old, female. I have the whites of my eye showing from blepharoplasty surgery. I have a very slight natural tan. I want to get C... READ MORE

Fractional co2 vs. Picosure focus for acne scar?

Doctors, can someone tell me the difference between the two lasers in terms of result, number of tx required, collagen remodelling capability, etc? I... READ MORE

Are Any Drs in Southeast Using Ultrapulse C02 - (Ablative & Non-fractional)? & Cost?

In researching the best and most cost efficient laser, the CO2 still seems to stand out. I am looking for a doctor in the southeast who still utilizes... READ MORE

Fractional C02 Laser Which is the Best?

Which fractional c02 laser goes the deepest and is the best? Equinox Dot, SmartXide Dot, Fraxel Repair, Active FX, etc???? READ MORE

I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face after CO2 laser. Is it normal? (Photo)

I am on the ninth day after fractional CO2 laser . I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face. Will I recover? is there some specific topical... READ MORE

Had CO2 Laser for Minor Pigmentation and Fine Lines, But Results Are Worse; What Are My Options? (photo)

24days post CO2 laser for minor pigmentation & fine lines. I told the doctor I was taking oxytetracycline & duac gel for acne - stopped day 1.... READ MORE

Two Years After Having a CO2 Procedure, I Am Very Depressed. How Do I Get My Natural Color Back in My Face?

I truly now wish I never had this procedure done. Being half asian and only SLIGHTLY tan, my face is completely white/pinkish and does not match my... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Blotchy Streaks to Resolve After CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I had DOT CO2 laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago and though my skin has healed, I have patchy, streaky tones (red and yellow) especially on my forehead and... READ MORE

Can You Perform Co2 Laser Surgery on the Face for Trichoepithelioma? (photo)

I have Trichoepithelioma on my face and especially around my nose really bad. I really would like to have them removed. Can they all be removed... READ MORE

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