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Which is the best treatment for Dermal Hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm 22 years old. Five years ago in age 17 I noticed one morning that I had kind of brown mark on my left chick. It looked like it came... READ MORE

Aftercare after CO2 Ablative Laser for a Scar Revision to Neck. (photo)

Hi Doctors, I just had a large bad scar on my neck and chin lasered at Mass General Hospital by a top surgeon. It crusted over with a dark crust... READ MORE

Will Co2 Laser Resurfacing Cause This Problem?

I have asked this question before, would like to make sure just in case, because getting a procedure like this done is serious. I need to know if co2... READ MORE

Is $3900 quote for C02 ablative laser resurfacing over priced or general cost?

30 y/o male w/ minor acne scarring & large pores. I got quoted $3,900 total cost for a CO2 ablative resurfacing for the entire face (Not neck) it said... READ MORE

Mosaic vs Fractional CO2?

I have done 3 seasons of mosaic laser last year and now i want to do one more to two but a friend of mine said me that mosaic is not as good as... READ MORE

Scarring from Fractional CO2 burn? (Photo)

This is 4 days post fractional co2 is this permanent? what can I do about it? READ MORE

Based on these pics, does my scarring look treatable with Fractional CO2? (photos)

Does my scarring look severe or mild? Can the redness be eliminated with Fractional CO2 by a renown plastic surgeon? Also, I am south Asian, but I am... READ MORE

Difference between plastic surgeon and medical spa? (photo)

I have gotten multiple pixel C02 lasers at a medical spa for scarring on my left cheek (picture attached). They did the laser on the highest setting,... READ MORE

After some time, you can re-do of CO2? (photos)

I would like to ask, please tell me, how long after the first treatment I can do secondary and if I do it not for the entire face but only on problem... READ MORE

Acne scars and marks. I'm planning to have CO2 Laser treatment and would like details about the best machines. (Photo)

I have this problem for my both cheeks about acne scars and marks... and am planning to do CO2 lazer, So will you please Dr. help me with the best... READ MORE

How long does it take to get the pores completely cleared after CO2 laser?

Hi. I am from India, 25 years old male. I've pores on both cheeks which makes me look much older.I recently did Microneedling MRF followed by CO2... READ MORE

How long before I can do fractional CO2 laser if I was taking 20mg a week of isotretinoin for the past year?

Hello, I had been taking 20mg of isotretinoin a week for the past year (20, male, 70kg), how long will my skin return to normal healing capability so... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser and PicoSure for acne scars. I see no difference at all. Will my scars improve? (Photo)

Ive recently had 3 sessions of picosure for acne scars and its been a week since i did my co2 laser and i have not noticed any diffrence at all on my... READ MORE

What procedure would best smooth out the skin on my nose? (photo)

I have raised scars on my nose from ance and now it looks lumpy, my pores are visible, my skin is oily. i just want my nose to be smooth again.... READ MORE

Is this damage from improper use of CO2 Fractional Laser? Is this thermal damage from the laser? Will this go away? (photos)

I had laser resurfacing with the smartXide co2 fractional laser on March 27th for acne scars. Its been exactly one month later, I have prolonged... READ MORE

Should I Continue With Fractionale CO2 Laser Treatments to Correct Mild Atrophic Scars?

I'm 18 and 2wks ago,I had it on a little area of my face.I wanted to test it out if what would be my skin's reaction since Im going to school... READ MORE

I Am 41 Yr Old Asian Male & Had CO2 Treatment 1 Month Ago to Remove Sunspot, but Now Have Hyperpigmentation. Will It Go Away?

I had an aquaintance who was a Dr. He said he could get rid of my sunspot using IPL. After 5 treatments nothing happened so I called him and he said... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and inflammation after CO2 Laser. What should I use to treat it? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I would like to know if the spot shown in the pictures which was caused by a laser CO2 treatment one year ago, is an hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

How much is fordyce spot removal on male genitals? CO2? Fraxel?

How much? Permanent reduction/removal ? How Many Treatments for results? Let alone how effective is the best recommended treatment method? acid ?... READ MORE

Severe acne scars on my temples/cheek area, moderate scars all over face. They're deeper on left side. Would C02 help? (Photo)

Hi. I have undergone several procedures already. I have had atleast 3-5 sessions of dermaroller. I had mild tca peels. Last year I had 2 sessions of... READ MORE

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