Hypopigmentation + CO2 Laser

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Risks from Ablative CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

After having done some research, it seems that one of the largest risks/complications of ablative CO2 Laser resurfacing is permanent hypopigmentation.... READ MORE

Correcting Hypopigmentation from CO2 Laser Treatments

Can ReLume, Fraxel, or other treatments correct hypopigmentation which resulted from a CO2 Laser? READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Sun Exposure 4 Weeks After CO2 Laser Treatment? Is Hypopigmentation Common?

Can Hypopigmentation Be a Side Effect of Sun Exposure Too Soon After CO2 Lazer Treatment? READ MORE

Bad skin, acne/scarring. Is excision followed by CO2 is my best chance? (photo)

I have a scar on my face as a result of dermabrasion being performed too deeply. (Trying to treat acne scarring.) It has destroyed my life and I... READ MORE

Are there any new technologies on the horizon that can safely repigment skin? (photos)

I have hypo pigmentation due to Co2 cosmetic laser. It has been 6 years since the procedure. Is there any treatment that could ever repigment my skin?... READ MORE

Help. Deep CO2 caused hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation? (Photo)

I got a deep Co2 done under anastasia November 2014. My skin is so bad now and no one can say for sure if i have hyper and hypo pigmentation, not to... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a white patch on my hand after getting laser scar removal done? (photos)

I had taken 5 sittings of co2 laser to get rid of my scar The scar did lighten a bit but i got a white patch after my last seating one and a half... READ MORE

Is there any treatment for dermal lesions that have appeared 4 years post co2 ablative laser resurfacing? (Photo)

My skin is extremely sensitive to everything I put on it esp. after clinician use "moisturizing mask" on my skin in an attempt to help dryness. New... READ MORE

Help for grid marks and hypopigmentation 3 years after Pixel CO2 fractionated laser? (Photos)

48 yo: 3 yrs ago I had 1 Pixel laser trtmt at the lowest setting.i had several IPL yellow/green and a Clearlift prvsly with very good results and... READ MORE

I would like to have a consultation with an MD for Fraxel Laser, I think I need the CO2 laser treatment. Would like options.

I am 50 years old and have a lot of hyper/hypo pigmentation with fine lines and wrinkles. The laser treatment did nothing for me that I had last year... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Treatment for Asians?

I'm looking for plastic surgeons who have performed lasers treatments on Asians in the Washington, DC area. Since I'm afraid of hypo pigmentation, I... READ MORE

What procedure is best to get rid of my nasolabial folds and acne scars, and large pores? (photos)

I have nasolabial folds, acne scars, and enlarged pores I would like to get rid of permanently. I was thinking of Co2 laser or halo. I am hispanic and... READ MORE

Is my skin normal post fractional CO2 Laser done for acne scars and hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I did Fractional Co2 laser done on the 19th and today(21st)is two days after the treatment, but my skin looks dark and I have spots and patches on my... READ MORE

How is Hypopigmentation from CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treated?

I had a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment for scars. It has left me with mild hypopigmentation how is this treated? READ MORE

I had my Lutronic ECO2 last Jan 15. Now my acne scars have become darker with sunken skin and I develop hypopigmentation (Photo)

Is the Lutronic ECO2 laser damage my skin?? Is this permanent? Can it be corrected? My third treament ECo2 laser will be on Feb 26.. Do i need to do... READ MORE

Can CO2RE fractional laser be performed for a second time if there are mild patches of hypopigmentation?

I had co2re fractional laser performed on my neck 6 months ago. I am keen to repeat this treatment however I have recently noticed small patches of... READ MORE

Is it harsher on the skin to use C02 laser before the picosure?

I just recently got my first tattoo removal treatment, the dermatologist used first a c02 laser then the picosure right after. It's been almost two... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation; doctor wants to fix it with full ablative co2 laser?

I had fractional co2 laser and developed hypopigmentation in the pattern of the laser. Dr wants to fix it with full ablative co2 laser. I am afraid I... READ MORE

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