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Rash 4 Weeks Post Microablative Co2 Fractional Laser Treatment

The rash started approximately 5 days post procedure. Started as a red, itchy rash on one side of forehead, progressed to both jaw lines, then cheeks.... READ MORE

Will Co2 Fractional Laser Cause Spots to Grow?

I am 37 year old mexican girl, I don't look my age because I don't have any wrinkles.The fact is that 11 years ago a little spot started... READ MORE

I have CO2 eight months ago. I still have a dotted pattern in my skin left from the laser. Are those dots permanent? (photos)

I have CO2 in December last year. Acne scars did not improve at all. Now 8 months after, I have a dotted pattern that goes across my face looks like... READ MORE

I have a nevus (verruca seborrhoica) in the middle of my forehead. What is the most efficient procedure to remove it?

It's rather small in size (less than 5mm). What is the best method to get rid of it with best esthetic result? p.s. the nevus grew back after scooping... READ MORE

Would CO2 laser be the best option? Ultherapy ? Fractional? What are other resurfacing options? (photo)

Lip lines marionette lines,volume loss? 35yo w/BAD marionette lines,pretty deep"11", static horizontal forehead lines,deep vertical lip lines,... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser treatment done 4 months ago and now I have hyperpigmentation (Photo)

I hade co2 done on my cheeks and forehead 4 months ago and now i have discoloration and redness seems like the treatment made my skin worse what... READ MORE

I had a nevus (verruca seborrhoica) removed from the middle of my forehead. Post-surgery issue. (Photo)

It was rather small in size, scooped out and coagulated with co2 laser. Now it's either grown back or overscarred as it's quite bulgy and pinky. The... READ MORE

I have indented scars on my forehead for which I am planning to go for CO2 laser treatment.

I have indented scars on my forehead for which I am planning to go for CO2 laser treatment. I want to know if it will help me with those scars. I also... READ MORE

Deep Vertical Wrinkles on forehead about 3-4 inches long in length and about 2-3 mm in width. Effective way to remove them?

I tried PRP injections into the lines and did not work. I don't like fillers. What would be a an effective way to remove them. Would CO2 Lazer... READ MORE

Which is best for freckles, Co2 laser or advanced laser?

I have freckles on left side face and neck..they appeared when I was 8yrs old.they are light brown in colour.mostly on upper left lip left forehead... READ MORE

Loose sagging skin, more wrinkles in forehead area. How do you know if the fat pads are damaged?

I had fractional co2 laser done over 6 months ago. I do notice less wrinkles around the eye area, however, my forehead is now much worse than before.... READ MORE

Why am I getting these blisters kind of black dot mark all around my forehead and side cheeks?

I did fractional co2 laser with prp 3 days back. I ve been applying regen-d 60 as per the doctors prescription. First day my entire face was looking... READ MORE

I've did 2 fractional Co2 lasers treatments but it looks worse now, next step hydroquinone????

Got allot of tiny acne scars, so did 2 ablative fractional co2 lasers, my skin looks worse now. What should i do now??? Hydroquinone, retin-a??? READ MORE

Does CO2 treatment work for scar removal? (photo)

Hi dictor. 2 years back i met with an accident and i have a scar mark on my forehead. i have using silicon gel tube on it from last 2 years. my doctor... READ MORE

Will co2 fractional laser help to remove the scars from my cheeks temple n forehead (photos)

Hello doctor I am 19 yr old Asian girl when I was 16 I got sever acne breakout however now acne are gone but left scars on my face my complexion is... READ MORE

I have few acne scars on my cheek;not too deep. Can I do fractional Co2?

Since I moved to Canada I have had a lot of breakouts on my forehead, they are giving me a lot of blemishes and my skin is getting dryer and worse. I... READ MORE

Will CO2 laser help flatten scar tissue lump on forehead? (Photo)

Hello, 3 weeks ago I had a Co2 laser treatment for what my plastic surgeon deemed a lump of scar tissue on my forehead from trauma and 2 surgeries. I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Blotchy Streaks to Resolve After CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I had DOT CO2 laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago and though my skin has healed, I have patchy, streaky tones (red and yellow) especially on my forehead and... READ MORE

I've had resurfacing done to my forehead but I've still got redness after 3 months?

I've had co2 resurfasing to some scarring on my forehead to the middle now the dr said it would take 6 weeks to heal it's taken well over 3 months and... READ MORE

How do I get rid of marks caused after CO2 Fractional?

I did Co2 Fractional on 7 March 2016 . I already have decent skin hence my target was to have lighter complextion, and treat uneven skintone. Its been... READ MORE

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