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Will These Laser Resurfacing Dots Go Away?

I had a Pixel Perfect CO2 resurfacing treatment 11 days ago and I still have dots on my face. They are no longer dark, they are raised, hard dots. READ MORE

Grid Marks on Face had not improved post 3 weeks after CO2 laser :( (photo)

Earlier, I post a Q&A about my concerns on the grid marks. I want to thank the doctors for their valuable inputs. Now, it is 3 weeks after fractional... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Laser Treatment?

I am in my mid-twenties and am thinking of undergoing fractional CO2 laser treatment for acne scars. Will having such treatment be a contraindication... READ MORE

How to Fix Sunken Lower Inner Eyelids?

I just had CO2 Laser Eyelid resurfacing. Pics 3-4 (2 mos post procedure.) Still have shadows of inflamed skin. Pleased with the upper&outer... READ MORE

Lutronic Fractional CO2 for Asian Skin

Is Lutronic Fractional CO2 lazer good for Asian Skin? I am Filipina with some pigmentation and have a deep scar when I have one of my mole removed on... READ MORE

Post-laser Dark Pegmented Areas Are Darker??

I have just had the C02 laser treatment for hyper pigmentation but the areas have gone a much darker brown, is this normal for immediate post laser? READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation and redness after fractional co2 laser. What can I do? How long will it last? Is it normal? (Photo)

I had co2 done1 1/2 months ago and am experiencing hyper pigmentation and redness. I have had this done before and never had these side effects. In... READ MORE

Syringoma Removal by CO2 Laser (2.0mm)

A week ago my sister had her upper and lower eyelid syringoma removed by CO2 laser. She swelled up badly and is now experiencing burns to her upper... READ MORE

I did fractional CO2 laser on 22 Aug 14. May I know if the scar on my face is normal? These photos were taken on 9/2/14. (photo)

Will my treatment scar ever go away? I feel like going for 2nd opinion but my dermatologist said that it takes time to heal. But as I went through the... READ MORE

My Mid Facelift Does Not Look Sucessful to Me. Surgeon Said I Still Need Co2 Laser.

My mid facelift does not look sucessful to me. My sugeon said I would not be happy with a neck lift only, but my mid face still looks saggy. When I... READ MORE

How Effective is the Affirm Fractionated Co2 Laser and Do You Think I Would See Some Improvement?

I am 56 yrs young and in need of some facial and neck overhauling, I'd like to wait until I'm to have an invasive proceedure done..I started... READ MORE

Is PRP (Platlete Rich Plasma) safe for me? had co2 laser resurfacing, am seeking repair to damage caused by procedure. (photos)

I have numerous problems due to co2 albative procedure from 4 years ago. Most distressing are the pock marks, acne like depressions, poor skin laxity,... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Pittsburgh for Erbium CO2 Laser

Are there any Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists that have the Erbium CO2 laser in or near Pittsburgh, PA? I wanted to have my whole face done, and I... READ MORE

Will Co2 Fractional Laser Cause Spots to Grow?

I am 37 year old mexican girl, I don't look my age because I don't have any wrinkles.The fact is that 11 years ago a little spot started... READ MORE

Co2 Laser resurfacing: Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon or GP with cosmetic training?

Hello! I am a 33 yr old female with moderate acne scarring and chickenpox scars on my face. I am interested in laser resurfacing and would most likely... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do CO2 Laser on Face & Juvederm Around Mouth & Lips @same Time? (Scheduled 4 Tomorrow)

I'm a 42 yr old fair skinned female. Last week: 1st time w/Botox (forehead) & Radiesse (cheeks). Beautiful! Problem areas: 1. 2” area of grooves @... READ MORE

How Beneficial is Fraxel C02 for the Chest Area on a Female? (photo)

I had fraxel C02 on my face, neck, chest area and exp'd high swelling and redness. Day 4-my face is finally peeling and looking better. My neck... READ MORE

Rosacea After Laser CO2 Fractional Resurfacing, What Can I Do? (photo)

I'm 36 years old woman made laser CO2 fractional 5 weeks ago mainly because of larger pores in nose. My cheeks' skin has always been very... READ MORE

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