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Syringoma Removal by CO2 Laser (2.0mm)

A week ago my sister had her upper and lower eyelid syringoma removed by CO2 laser. She swelled up badly and is now experiencing burns to her upper... READ MORE

Should I do the UltraPulse CO2 or Sciton Contour TRL on my face and eyes? (Photo)

My primary concern is the wrinkles and laxiticity of the skin around my eyes & overall texture on face. The doctors are recommending one pass of full... READ MORE

Will the track marks and dots fade from CO2 laser resurfacing? (photos)

I'm 13 days post op CO2 laser resurfacing. I had it done around my eyes, hair line, etc. They did not scab over. My derm told me to apply fucibet BID... READ MORE

My Eye Became Darker After Co2 Fractional (photo)

I had CO2 fractional for my eyes . It became darker after one month of the first session . my skin color is dark brown .my freind told that skin color... READ MORE

Is my skin ruined forever from co2 laser?

I had erbium and co2 laser 4 weeks ago to tighten my eye area. My skin is raised, bumpy, shiny and leathery. Makeup doesn't cover the damage properly.... READ MORE

Would CO2 laser be the best option? Ultherapy ? Fractional? What are other resurfacing options? (photo)

Lip lines marionette lines,volume loss? 35yo w/BAD marionette lines,pretty deep"11", static horizontal forehead lines,deep vertical lip lines,... READ MORE

I had Co2 Fractional laser for fine lines and big pore. Is there another solution which do not take so long to recover from?

I am 45 years old and have big poor and fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I have been advised to have a Co2 Fractional laser between 2-3 times but... READ MORE

CO2 first. Fillers next? What do you suggest? (Photo)

Hi. I am scheduled to have C02 laser Full Face on July 1st with Erbium around my lips, mouth and eyes. After improving my skin texture what do you... READ MORE

Doctor placed covers over my eyes while he performed full-face laser CO2, and now I have dark circles around both eyes. (Photo)

I am female with some Native American heritage. Therefore, I have a yellow-olive skin complexion, which tans easily. The surgeon who performed my CO2... READ MORE

Do I have an infection or is extreme increasing, swelling and clear oozing normal 48 hours after CO2 laser? (Photos)

I am continuing to swell. My eyes almost shut. The face is warm to touch. Clear oozing from what looks like tiny blisters all over face. Have been... READ MORE

Fractional co laser reduce lines under eyes?

I'll do laser for scars but can the laser be done near the eyes where the skin is very thin? I have one fine line under eyes. I'm in my mid 20s READ MORE

Is the co2 fractional safe for someone with ocular herpes?

I have a history of ocular herpes and take Acyclovir and a daily basis. I'm considering a co2 fractional procedure but I'm worried about it being done... READ MORE

Why am I still, after 6 days, in pain and uncomfortable?

Day 6 post CO2 laser and I'm still peeling, hideously red and my skin is painfully tight before I apply hydra balm, aquaphor, or hydrocortisone. I... READ MORE

Self-inflicted Eye Wrinkles

Hi, I have an unusual, complicated issue. I'm 35 and a redhead, with thin, pale skin and freckles. I lived in a hot climate for a year and while I... READ MORE

Swelling and Green Discharge Normal After Juvia Laser Treatment?

I had the ellipse juvia tx co2 laser on thursday and have extreme swelling with green discharge from both eyes. Is this normal? I'm very concerned? READ MORE

IPL/photofacial After CO2 Laser for Eye Redness?

I had C02 laser on Nov 8 around my eyes and mouth for crepiness and lip lines. I am now 13 wks out and the redness around my mouth is almost... READ MORE

Why do I have darker circles around the eyes, bigger pores, and pimples & black heads after fractional laser resurfacing?(photo)

Iam 28 years old female , i was annoyed by my dark circles around the eyes , and pores , and pimples break outs now and then , doctor suggested... READ MORE

Can the Laser Cause Your Eye to "Grow Together" in the Corner?

I had the CO2 laser treatment about 4 days ago and I'm healing well, except my right eye droops a little especially when I look up. When I... READ MORE

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation 6 months after CO2 laser?

I had the c02 laser done 6 months ago and I still have the hyperpigmentation around my eyes. I still have to use cover up every day & I never use to... READ MORE

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