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Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing Effective for Acne Scars and Sun Damage?

So i plan to get co2 laser resurfacing, to treat acne scars, an uneven tan/sun damage. I also want to treat, want seems to look like rhinophyma on the... READ MORE

Are These Fractional CO2 Results Realistic? (photo)

I was quite surprised by the improvement degree of the patient of the attached photo, from http://www.cdc-clinics.com.au/fractionated_co2_laser.... READ MORE

Acne Scars, Fraxel Co2? (photo)

I have gone to a couple consultations and been told different options. The last place which I feel I trust told me I need two fraxel co2treatments. My... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Targeted Specifically On Acne Scars?

Hi, I was just wondering if is there any reason doctors can't target the fractional co2 (or even the old school co2) specifically on the scar(s)... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium Profile laser vs. CO2? How effective? & is it as painful as CO2? I've had CO2 in 2011, I'm 42 now.

Getting lines around the mouth. Ugh! The C02 fractionated was awesome around my eyes... I didn't have those ugly lines around the mouth then though. I... READ MORE

What Factors Contribute to Less Than Desirable Results with CO2 Lasers?

What factors contribute to less than desirable results with CO2 lasers? READ MORE

Best treatment for syringoma under my eyes? Is Ultrapulse CO2 Laser effective? Is there a scarring risk? (photo)

I have multiple syringomas under my eyes. I am wondering if ultrapulse co2 laser is effective to treat syringoma and whether there is scar risk. I am... READ MORE

Questioning fractional CO2 laser resurfacing effectiveness?

I have a combination of considerably severe acne scars (especially boxscar and rolling scar). Trust me it is that bad. I've done 5x CO2 Fractional... READ MORE

I lifted off my scab 7 days after C02 laser, will this impact my results?

So around 7 days after C02 laser I slid my scab off(it wasn't fully mature yet I guess but it came right off) I saw marks on the scab Anyways it... READ MORE

Do all resurfacing techniques essentially do the same thing? (photo)

I have been told that they all achieve the same goal but by a different means. If that is true then I may as well go for the most effective which... READ MORE

How Beneficial is Fraxel C02 for the Chest Area on a Female? (photo)

I had fraxel C02 on my face, neck, chest area and exp'd high swelling and redness. Day 4-my face is finally peeling and looking better. My neck... READ MORE

Will Fractional CO2 Laser Help Smooth Out My Wrinkles?

I am a female, medium skin tone, good physical health, non-smoker and vegetarian.Although 56, my looks are deceiving to people. Most think that I am... READ MORE

Fractional Affirm and Fractional CO2, Which is Most Effective for Acne Scars?

Hi, May you pls advise on the difference between the Fractional Affirm Laser and the Fractional CO2 Laser. and which one is the most effective for... READ MORE

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