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Did Dr. Go Too Deep? Scar Caused by CO2 Laser. (photo)

I had the CO2 laser procedure done 16 days ago. The scar in the picture was about the size of a pencil eraser prior to procedure. It is now bigger... READ MORE

Can you get "spot" CO2 treatment for just a few ice pick scars? Generally speaking, could this reduce the cost? (Photo)

I have a few really deep ice pick scars on my nose that I want to treat. I have enlarge pores/scars in the same area but i can live with them b/c... READ MORE

Where in Pittsburgh, PA can I get CO2 treatment.

I have deep wrinkles around my mouth from smoking and would like to erase them, or would a mini facelift be better. Sorry no photos READ MORE

Help. Deep CO2 caused hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation? (Photo)

I got a deep Co2 done under anastasia November 2014. My skin is so bad now and no one can say for sure if i have hyper and hypo pigmentation, not to... READ MORE

Deep Vertical Wrinkles on forehead about 3-4 inches long in length and about 2-3 mm in width. Effective way to remove them?

I tried PRP injections into the lines and did not work. I don't like fillers. What would be a an effective way to remove them. Would CO2 Lazer... READ MORE

I don't look old enough, therefore, I'm told I may not have CO2 laser resurfacing? I need deeper wrinkles first? I'm 47! (Photo)

I'm suppose to look old first before having this procedure? That doesn't make logical sense to me. What would it hurt? I think I'd be on top of my... READ MORE

Would CO2 Fractional laser resurfacing get rid of deep static forehead wrinkles? (photo)

I Know it is Expensive, Like Thousands of Dollars So I Don't Want to Spend the Money if it Won't Help or Will Just Have a Minimal Effect.......I Don't... READ MORE

I have a deep open pore on my nose. Will fractional co2 clear open pore?

I have a deep open pore on nose which is only one n is bothering me.I want to clear that too.will fractional co2 clear open pore? READ MORE

CO2 Laser or Jessner Peel?

For deep smokers lines and deep chin wrinkles would a CO2 laser or a Jessner Peel work better? READ MORE

Scabbing after severe laser treatment on scars underneath breasts

I got co2 laser on large Breast scars. It's now been 10 days. I have done my best to keep them constantly covered and clean with ointment on them.... READ MORE

Got deep new acne scar after removing my acne during CO2 fractional laser of my 3rd session. And, not getting rid of it (Photo)

I had done my 3rd co2 fractional laser,two months back.During the procedure there was an acne on my left cheek,so he removed it instantly causing... READ MORE

Does C02 Work Well on Heavy Crows Feet?

Would the CO2 Laser be a good choice to treat deep crows feet? If yes, how many treatments may be required? If not, what would be a good solution to... READ MORE

I am interested in Fractional CO2 laser, but am scared due my olive complexion- is it safe? Am I likely to have issues?

Am I more likely to have issues with my skin color? The doctor who I saw kept talking about total and said there are 2 parts to it - how are Deep and... READ MORE

Deep lines and age spots on my forearms. What is the best way to Improve the skin on my arms?

What is the cost to repair my skin? What is the downtime after treatment? READ MORE

I had co2 fraxel 5 days ago and my skin has gone a shade darker and looks older and dryer but has no peeling. (photos)

I am a 45 year old Caucasian with sun damage . I had a fraxel laser 5 days ago and have had no peeling at all. My skin looks darker all over dryer and... READ MORE

I had a Fractional CO2 treatment and came home to deep, dark brown indentations on my face. Is this normal? (Photo)

My doctor informed me for the first time during the middle of the procedure she was going to do an "aggressive" second pass. I came home to deep,... READ MORE

I have this deep line on my cheek after fractional co2 laser. Please explain why? (photos)

I have tried 2 fractional rf and 1 ematrix to save the line but stll no result. the doc who did the fco2 for me suggest i should continue fractional... READ MORE

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