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5th day CO2 fractional laser . Very dry skin can I use Vaseline? (photos)

I did co2 fractional laser and it's my 5th day my skin is very dry I feel like the cream I'm using not moisturizing enough, can I use normal Vaseline... READ MORE

Facial swelling after laser peel. Is this normal?

Inhad the fractional c02 laser done 5 days ago , all the normal expected results are happening, I'm now just puffy & peeling , I'm doing the creams &... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from co2 laser? Which cream should I use and treatments ? (photos)

Hi I have done co2 laser for stretch marks exactly 1 year ago..I developed has faded slowly..but I want to know it will fade... READ MORE

I had developed hyperpigmentation from co2 laser ...which bleaching cream and sunscreen I should use??

I had developed hyperpigmentation from co2 laser...which cream should I use ? I have access to...retain a, hydroquino 4%,kojic acid,kojivit cream ?or... READ MORE

I had a nevus (verruca seborrhoica) removed from the middle of my forehead. Post-surgery issue. (Photo)

It was rather small in size, scooped out and coagulated with co2 laser. Now it's either grown back or overscarred as it's quite bulgy and pinky. The... READ MORE

Products to apply after the treatment?

Can I apply any cream, serum, lotion for skin care right after the treatment as usual? Or nothing at all. I also heard that i have to wash my face... READ MORE

Is co2 laser for me with wanting wrinkles removed and even skin tone. Very worried now. (photos)

Getting co2 laser on whole face at setting 100 in 2 weeks and was given bleaching cream to use nightly prior to help with pigmentation. I'm worried... READ MORE

Will using a special cream before CO2 Laser acne scar treatment help reduce hyperpigmentation?

I have dark skin and I heard that using a special cream before CO2 Laser acne scar treatment helps reduce skin discolouration. Is any of this true? READ MORE

What is the most suitable cream to be used after fractional laser co2 for eye dark circles?

What is the suitable cream should be used after fractional laser co2 for eye dark circles ? I am using a revitalising one " skin code brand " READ MORE

Shea butter and argon oil after laser CO2 treatment (Photo)

I m at day 6 after co2 laser anti scare treatment. Peeling is already done.however i have redness and i m afraid that it take long time .would pure... READ MORE

Redness after laser co2 treatment and somewhat afraid of hyperpigmentation risk 4 weeks after laser c02? (Photos)

I did laser co2 laser on my skin 4 weeks ago, redness has faded but still on my skin, i apply in the morning a moisturizer and at night a anti... READ MORE

Laser eCO2 and erythema?

Are there any risks in using a fairly strong erythema creams before surgery with laser eCO2 on the average depth of the scar (high laser powers). Is a... READ MORE

Is my skin care routine too complicated?

I had CO2 lasering of my face, neck and chest in May. I want to maintain! I have RetinA .5, Skin Medica TNS serum and Ferulic serum from Skin... READ MORE

I had my benign moles removed wit CO2 Laser. What is the proper laser mole removal aftercare?

So i had some of my benign moles removed with co2 laser. After removal the nurse put some yellow powder on the wounds... The doctor told me to avoid... READ MORE

CO2 on Dark Spots. What's the Fastest/Best Cream/Serum for these Dark Spots?

I had this CO2 laser for my chicken pox scars resulting dark spots on my face, what is the fastest and best whitening cream/serum for this kind of... READ MORE

Creams, makeup to be used after Fractional CO 2 ablative lasering healed?

What type of sunscreen and makeups do you recommend to be used after Fractional CO 2 ablative lasering is healed and doctor gives ok especially to... READ MORE

Co2 laser, is this normal? (photos)

I have done partial co2 laser to my face acne scars before three days , start using honey cure cream and celavix cream alternatively every 4 hours ,... READ MORE

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