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CO2 Laser After or Before Ulthera?

CO2 laser can be done after or before Ulthera? How long should I wait between both treatments? I appreciate your time and thank you ! READ MORE

Will CO2 Laser After Blepharoplasty Affect Eyelids?

Hello, I’m 28 years old, female. I have the whites of my eye showing from blepharoplasty surgery. I have a very slight natural tan. I want to get C... READ MORE

Traditional CO2 Laser After Profractional XC

Would doing traditional CO2 laser (NOT CO2 fraxel or Fractional, but traditional CO2 laser)help remove the tiny holes/pixels and lines left from a... READ MORE

Is CO2 Laser Treatment Dangerous when Combined w/ Remicide and Actemra?

My wife has been receiving remicade treatment for 3 years and now doing actemra every 2 months. she wants to do laser fractional co2 treatment. would... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Resurfacing After Laser Eye Correction - Safe?

 Having the Co2 Laser Full Face , 3 Weeks After L Had Eye Laser Correction is That Safe? READ MORE

Is it possible to combine Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and Fractional RF microneedling in one session?

I plan to get both treatments (1st Fractional RF microneedling followed by Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing) done in 1 session. Is it advisable and... READ MORE

Facelift and CO2 laser resurfacing together?

Im planning on having a face and neck lift with fat put in my cheeks, jowls and lower eyelids . I'm in my 60s, and have light complexion, thin skin .... READ MORE

Can I have CO2RE fractional laser resurfacing 9 weeks after ultherapy on the same area?

I am 35 and had Ultherapy on my neck 9 weeks ago and I am now considering CO2RE laser resurfacing on the same area to address crepey skin and mild... READ MORE

Collagen drinks with co2 laser?

I've just had ablative co2 laser resurfacing on my whole face and am healing well. I was wonderin if collegen drinks or powder will enhance the results. READ MORE

Safe to combine CO2 laser with TCA CROSS treatments?

Is it safe to have a CO2 laser treatment on my face at the same time an 80% TCA is selectively applied to some minor acne ice pick scars? My... READ MORE

Multiple procedures on face/neck on same day. Any suggestions?

I was hoping to get CO2 laser resurfacing around my eyes, along with Ultherapy on my neck during the same visit. Maybe some fillers/Botox as well. Can... READ MORE

PRP treatment and then CO2 laser treatment 1 week later

My friend asked me to post this. He is 48 and considering a PRP procedure (injections, not micro-needling). Then 1 week later getting a full face CO2... READ MORE

CO2 laser with under eye scalpel surgery

Is it possible to have both under eye scalpel surery for eye bags and excsessive skin and also c02 laser to remove the wrinkles on the same day ,and... READ MORE

Did CO2 Resurfacing, but smoked hookah for an hour two days before. Could his negatively impact me??

I knew that I couldn't smoke cigarettes, never touched one in my life. Smoked hogs two days ago, got resurfacing today. Didn't put 2 and 2 together.... READ MORE

Palomar + CO2 Fraxel Lasers recommended for acne scars (ice pick)? (Photo)

I am looking to treat ice pick scarring mostly on the sides of my nose. I did the fraxel laser 5 years ago and had improved smoothness, especially on... READ MORE

How to combine PRP and a CO2 laser treatment?

I have acne scars and as far as I know, PRP (platelet rich plasma) will improve the results of a CO2 laser treatment but how should I combine them?... READ MORE

Are Fibrocell (stem cell therapy) and fractionnated co2 Total fx lumenis a good combine to treat acne scars on my cheecks?

I did a treatment which is called fibrocell for my acne scars in Istanbul 2 month ago. The surgeon proposed to me to combine with fraxel repair after... READ MORE

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