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Scarring After CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

My skin look worse 4 weeks after CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment. It went from smooth to looking like a sponge. What can I do? READ MORE

What is Wrong with the Area Under my Eye After 1 Year of Co2 Laser? (photo)

Had Co2 laser above and below eyes. Several areas took a long time healing, had resurfacing on some areas at later date. One area under the eye did... READ MORE

Oozing and bleeding after Lutronic eCO2 Fractional laser, what causes this? (Photo)

Lutronic Co2 fractional laser was done on acne scars a few hours ago and I'm having some oozing and bleeding. I've already done Co2 fractional before... READ MORE

Help. Deep CO2 caused hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation? (Photo)

I got a deep Co2 done under anastasia November 2014. My skin is so bad now and no one can say for sure if i have hyper and hypo pigmentation, not to... READ MORE

Redness or hyperpigmentation after CO2 spot laser treatment? (Photo)

Hi I had some flat very dark freckles (almost like flat moles) that my doc removed with co2 spot treatment about a week ago... most of the spots have... READ MORE

Will Lumenis CO2 laser cause more broken capillaries if I seem to get them easily lately? (Photo)

I am scheduled to get Lumenis deep CO2 laser resurfacing and I am worried this could cause broken capillaries. Over the past couple years I've... READ MORE

Unclear line after FCO2. What is the cause of it? (Photo)

I have this prominent line after three treatment fco2. what is the cause of it. thanks READ MORE

Diagonal Mark on Forehead After Fractional C02?

I had Fractional C02 laser done recently.I inspected my skin right after the treatment & I noticed an inch long diagonal red scratch on my... READ MORE

Two red bumps (one above eye, one below) popped up after co2 laser treatment. What are they?

I had co2 fractional laser treatment in mid Feb & was all healed when these things that I thght were pimples popped up arnd my left eye. They were... READ MORE

How long will it take for this black redness to go away? And what is it? (Photo)

I have done fractional c02 laser on my biceps for stretch marks on 11 September 2014....after that treatment my skin became very dark....its slowly... READ MORE

Why did my skin become black after CO2 laser? (Photo)

What is this ? I had developed this from co2 laser...its been 7 months still not fading...does this is permanent ? Done co2 for my stretch marks... READ MORE

I had co2 laser done on Wednesday around 3 o'clock. It is now Saturday 5 o'clock. (photos)

I have had little to no peeling, I think swelling is still kind of there and my cheeks\side of face have bright red square looking marks? The sent me... READ MORE

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