Acne + CO2 Laser

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Minimum Age for CO2 Laser?

How old do you have to be in Florida to get CO2 laser treatment for Acne? READ MORE

Can Infection Affect Post-laser Recovery?

Hi, I took co2 laser resurface treatment few months ago. After first session results were very good, however after 3 weeks Acne came back. Doctor said... READ MORE

After CO2 laser I use Aquaphor and get breakouts, it's seems too occlusive. Can I use a tube of hydrogel for burns instead?

I get a CO2 laser done yearly and am told to use Vaseline / Aquaphor / Elta Md's Salve which seems "too occlusive" for my sensitive acne skin... READ MORE

Considering CO2 Laser Resurfacing. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

Hello. I'm a 20 year old college student who is considering CO2 laser treatment after surviving severe acne. I still have acne on my side upper neck... READ MORE

After a CO2 Laser, how long do I need to wait to start using Retinol and Acné treatments again?

Hi, thanks for sharing your time and experience, i had a CO2 láser in the face one week ago, when i can start using Retinol .25% concentration and my ... READ MORE

Post Laser Erythema?

I have prolonged erythema for 2months after CO2 laser for my acne. What should I do while my dermatologist just say 'the recovery needs time for... READ MORE

What is the effect of using the wrong cleanser after fractional co2 laser?

I just did my fractional co2 laser. After I washed my face with the cleanser, there were slight bleeding in multiple areas of my face. Furthermore,... READ MORE

What is the best fractional CO2 laser out right now? I know new and/or improved ones come out everyday.

It's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest laser out there. I'm looking to treat fine lines and crepey skin, acne and superficial burn scars--... READ MORE

Having deep acne after day 5 of co2 laser. Is it safe to quit post laser gel and go to moisturizer?

Very concerned about more scarring started off good the first couple days but now the breakout has started and really alarming me. only gave me 5 days... READ MORE

Between Fractional, CO2, and Genesis Cutera lasers, which procedure is more effective?

I'm an over 40 years old Asian women with brown spots, oily and acne skin. Thank you READ MORE

Will my pigmentation and discoloration would be gone ?

I had squeezed most of my pimples and acne and its been 2 years from now i have been suffering from pigmwntation and discoloration on my face . will... READ MORE

When can I start using acne medications after having CO2 laser surgery?

I had the laser treatment done one month ago and my face is healed but still red and is now breaking out with acne. I have been using Retin-A Micro 0... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Dark Patch After CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne?

Hi... i got my laser done two months backs in January over the cheek area. The skin has turned brown in color and lines have been formed. Small pixels... READ MORE

Scarring & Fine lines after CO2 Fractional Resurfacing & outbreak of acne after Q switch. Dry & Sensitive Skin Type 4

I had Q switch, injections of Vitamin C & Glutathione for facial Pigmentation. After 1 mnth had CO2 fractional laser was mild but painful. Been a... READ MORE

Will Smartxide CO2 laser help my acne scaring? (photo)

Hi, I have had acne for 10 years and it's finally gone. However, I'm left with rolling, boxcars, uneven skin texture/tone and large pores which makes... READ MORE

Will Ultrapulse Co2 Effect Acne Prone Skin and Cause Them to Breakout?

I had severe acne and have been on different treatment for years. now I'm on birth control + antibiotic + topical treatment. So my acne is the best it... READ MORE

Can fractional ablative C02 laser be done on someone with oily skin, and prone to mild acne?

I have large pores with indent type scars on my upper cheeks. I have tried fraxel non ablative treatments that did nothing for my scars. My skin is... READ MORE

Ive Had CO2 Laser Procedure 10 Days, Now I Have Lots of Acne on my Face?

I have red marks from acne will I develop new scars? READ MORE

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