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Doctor Recommendation in Pittsburgh for Erbium CO2 Laser

Are there any Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists that have the Erbium CO2 laser in or near Pittsburgh, PA? I wanted to have my whole face done, and I... READ MORE

Aftercare after CO2 Ablative Laser for a Scar Revision to Neck. (photo)

Hi Doctors, I just had a large bad scar on my neck and chin lasered at Mass General Hospital by a top surgeon. It crusted over with a dark crust... READ MORE

1 month post CO2, pores is bigger looking /overall texture worse. Any suggestions?

I had Co2 frac ablative laser a little over a month ago. I am still pink which I realize is normal. I am diligently putting.lotion ans sunscreen. My... READ MORE

Are there any treatment options for destroyed skin from co2 ablative laser? (photos)

I had only mildly noticeable lines around my mouth and mild acne scars. CO2 took out all my pigment, (think ghost), destroyed skin laxity, pitted and... READ MORE

Do either the ablative or non ablative CO2 lasers "thin" the skin?

1. Do either the ablative or non ablative lasers "thin" the skin. -My skin is thin and shiny looking 2. In this study they say it can be a potential... READ MORE

Does Any Dr. Do Fully Ablative CO2/Erbium Laser Resurfacing?

I want the traditional gold standard CO2 laser resurfacing and can't find a Dr. that does it. I'll travel - just need to find a Dr. that does the... READ MORE

Is there treatment to improve skin quality after Ablative CO2 Laser scarring and "Basketball" textured skin? I had great skin.

I had full ablative CO2 laser resurfacing 4 months ago. A past smoker, I had deep wrinkles around my mouth and under my eyes that I was most concerned... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium Profile laser vs. CO2? How effective? & is it as painful as CO2? I've had CO2 in 2011, I'm 42 now.

Getting lines around the mouth. Ugh! The C02 fractionated was awesome around my eyes... I didn't have those ugly lines around the mouth then though. I... READ MORE

How long after CO2 fully ablative laser can I go to take a sun bath?

I know tanning is a bad thing, but i say it just for an example. If i go for a co2 fully ablative laser. When i can fully restore my lifestyle where i... READ MORE

Is $3900 quote for C02 ablative laser resurfacing over priced or general cost?

30 y/o male w/ minor acne scarring & large pores. I got quoted $3,900 total cost for a CO2 ablative resurfacing for the entire face (Not neck) it said... READ MORE

How soon after Co2 laser ablative skin resurfacing should I restart my Retin-A regimen?

I had Co2 laser skin resurfacing on 9-9-14. When should I start up my Retin A regimen? I was concerned my skin may still be too sensitive. Thank you READ MORE

Can a traditional CO2 fully ablative laser resurfacing get rid of this acne scars? (photos)

The other option a doctor offers is the deepest phenol peel called the baker gordon peel, he says this peel goes deeper as the co2!What would be the... READ MORE

2 months after ablative CO2, I have a bit of excess skin. Should I wait for it it heal? (Photo)

Two months after ablative CO2 on my dog bite scar. My tissue it's still soft shining and pinkish...I had long time recovery,about 2 and a half weeks.i... READ MORE

Non-ablative vs ablative: which is co2 fractional laser ?

Im confused, is co2 fractional laser ablative or not? Im in my 20s and i have several ice pick and boxscars and uneven skin. i want the most effective... READ MORE

Where can I find ablative dual-wavelength CO2/Erbium-YAG in Toronto? (photos)

Hello everyone, I have been suffering from acne since I was a teenager. I am now 24 years old and am left with lots of acne scars and some sun damage.... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Ablative Laser or SMARTSKIN CO2 Front of legs from the knees to the top of thighs?

I had my procedure on 9/14/16. I still have the discoloration from the procedure and also my skin is like sandpaper and I have more wrinkles... READ MORE

Risks of fully ablative CO2 laser?

İs the risk of Fully ablative co2 laser more than other types of laser or same? READ MORE

Rough skin 2 weeks after ablative CO2 laser. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, i had full face ablative co2 laser resurfacing for acne scarring 2 weeks ago. The acne scars appear to be slightly less visible and my skin was... READ MORE

Creams, makeup to be used after Fractional CO 2 ablative lasering healed?

What type of sunscreen and makeups do you recommend to be used after Fractional CO 2 ablative lasering is healed and doctor gives ok especially to... READ MORE

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