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Dental Surgery Before Reconstruction of Cleft-like Lip?

My upper lip is totally split in half and appears to look like a cleft. It's due to a prior surgery gone wrong, in the meantime, I caught an infection... READ MORE

I am cleft patient. Are there any alternative surgery to abbe flap?

I am 27 years male now. Enquired for a upper lip reconstruction. Just wanted to know if there are any alternative surgery for abbe flap READ MORE

Is there any surgery I can get to make my top lip more fuller and longer? (Cleft lip and palate) (photo)

I have had many surgeries since I was born, due to having the cleft lip and palate. I'm on one of my final surgeries and I want it to be for correct... READ MORE

What Can I Do if There is a Shadow (Not Hair) Above my Upper Lip? (photo)

Hi, im a 16 year old girl, and i was born with a cleft lip. When i was little, i didnt even notice that in certain lighting or when i smile, i get a... READ MORE

Lip fillers for cleft lip dent. (photo)

I was born with cleft lip and it is now repaired . I have a small dent on my upper lip, so i was thinking may be lip fillers could improve the... READ MORE

What would be conservative surgical options to improve the look of a (treated) cleft lip in an adult? (Photo)

I am 27, and am concerned with just the notch in the upper lip itself (not the scar, etc.). I am curious about least extreme surgical options,... READ MORE

Cleft lip re-treatment for upper lip shape? What are the chances of getting a good lip?

I was born with a cleft lip, was treated well and the mark of stitches has almost faded. But shape is not good, the upper lip is thicker from sides... READ MORE

What can be done for my upper lip to get rid of that curve inward? (Photo)

I recently had a cleft lip re-repair and rhinoplasty. But it seems as if the surgery did nothing to my lips whatsoever. I feel like it looks the same... READ MORE

10 yr post op cleft lip surgery, my speech is still not clear also my upper lip still looks uneven. Any suggestions? (photo)

I ve had cleft lip surgery about 10 yrs ago,my speech is still not clear also my upper lip still looks uneven what would you recomend i ve attached a... READ MORE

How to cure cleft lip?

I am at 20yrs now. At the time of birth my upper lip was separated at that time they did a surgery for that but it is not like my lower lip some mark... READ MORE

Is it possible to have cleft lip fixed since I already had nose job done?

Was born with cleft lip and palate. My palate has been fixed. I had revision rhinoplasty two weeks ago, but I'm not happy with my lip the way it looks... READ MORE

Hairs growing on upper lip after cleft lip revison done. (photo)

Hi, I am 27 Years Male, I have my cleft lip revison done about 40 days ago. Now the problem is there are hairs growing on my upper lip. I am not able... READ MORE

How could you fix my upper lip? I had a cleft lip and palate surgery. (Photo)

I had a Clift lip pallet surgery when I was younger but I still have the scar and my nose needs some fixing I want to look normal for the first time..... READ MORE

26 year old looking for reconstructive surgery for a cleft lip and palate. Can anything be done?

The last surgery I had was when I was 18 so I am looking to see if anything can be done to better improve my facial features. Get my nostril to look... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for bilateral cleft lip and palate?

I was been operated when am a baby but then for now am already 21 i had a scars in my upper lip and the how i speak is not clear . .. READ MORE

Cleft lip revision surgery. Should the bottom of the upper lift have been sutured?

Repaired gap in the upper lip. The very bottom of the upper lip was not sutured. Is that credible based on evaluation of the tissue and movement of... READ MORE

I Have a Swollen Part in Between Nose and Upper Lip That is in Philitrum from Birth. Its a Kind of Cleft Lip.

I have a swollen part in between nose and upper lip that is in philitrum from birth.Its a kind of cleft lip.But there is no opening between mouth and... READ MORE

What kind of cosmetic surgery should I get? (Photo)

I have a cleft palate, and a cleft lip. I am unsatisfied with my nose and how my upper lip is short, and almost tugs. I will attach the following... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a surgery on my upper lip?

I was born with my upper lip like this, people say i kind of had a lip cleft, is there any surgery that will make my upper lip look even on both sides READ MORE

I have a cleft palate. I would like to reduce the size of my upper lip to show my upper teeth as I talk. And more as I smile

I was wondering what my options are. My teeth are in there normal position. But my lip seems to big to properly show them. READ MORE

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