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Dental Surgery Before Reconstruction of Cleft-like Lip?

My upper lip is totally split in half and appears to look like a cleft. It's due to a prior surgery gone wrong, in the meantime, I caught an infection... READ MORE

Cleft lip repair (photos)

I was born with a cleft lip and pallet. I just had my 3rd surgery. I was born in Bosnia so only had one surgery at 3 month and none until I was 27.... READ MORE

I was born with a cleft lip and nose. Fourteen surgeries and a lot of dental work. What would be best for me? (photos)

Would lip augmentation be beneficial for me? At this point, being 32 are there any touch ups (nose or lips) I should ask from a surgeon? READ MORE

I'm 59, female, born with a cleft lip. I've had several surgeries. What can I do about the scars, uneven nostrils and snoring?

I have noticed a great deal of pitting near my scar that runs between my lips and nose. In addition my nostrils are different shapes. Another problem... READ MORE

Want to know is there any possibility that my lip , nose can be fine as normal person? (photos)

I am 25year old female. Born with cleft lip and palate both. Had gone through 3 surgeries but lip is not good at all and palate is not fixed yet. I... READ MORE

Scar revision / Botox to reduce cleft lip repair and create a fuller upper lip?

I am considering scar revision procedure to reduce the scar of my cleft lip. Also I'd like my upper lip fuller as well as more appealing as far as the... READ MORE

Can do another Bilateral cleft lip and palate repair? (Photos)

I am 24 years old,i wanted to know if i can do another scar revision at my lip.because i am not in America,and my doctors here can not do a such... READ MORE

I Have a Swollen Part in Between Nose and Upper Lip That is in Philitrum from Birth. Its a Kind of Cleft Lip.

I have a swollen part in between nose and upper lip that is in philitrum from birth.Its a kind of cleft lip.But there is no opening between mouth and... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for a Cranio-facial Specialist in Florida for Cleft Palate/lip/nose Revision

Our four year old daughter was adopted from China. Before we adopted her, she had a cleft lip repair at 10 months of age, and a cleft palate repair at... READ MORE

Cleft Lip Repair on 27 Year Old Female

I am 27 yrs old female. I have cleft lip by birth. But i didnt had any surgery. The doctor said that it will reduce when she become old. But there is... READ MORE

I'm 21 and I was born with a cleft palate. What are my options? (Photo)

Good day, doctors, i am a cleft palate since when i was born. Now i am 21 yrs old, i am a girl, hoping to cure my in born cleft palate. Thank you READ MORE

I have cleft lip and cleft chin what kind of naturally treatment I can get

Iam female I have cleft lip and cleft palate and cleft chin what kind of treatment I get to remove this READ MORE

Cleft lip/palate cosmetics: What should I do to get my face a bit more proportional? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old female with a cleft lip and palate, and I've had surgeries before to fix the functional part of it (nose and hard palate). I've also... READ MORE

What is the procedure or the name of the surgery that can help to close or join lips together?

I'm 17 and female. I have a cleft lip and palate so my upper and lower lips have teeth showing in between.. they don't touch. We were going to have me... READ MORE

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