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Are There Plastic Surgeons Who Work with Adults with Cleft Lip?

I am 20 years old and reside in Atlanta, Ga. I was supposed to have a third surgery completed at age 12 but was not able to. I now have an... READ MORE

I Am a 21 Year Old Woman with a Cleft Lip and Palate, Can My Nostrils be Fixed?

I had no air flow from my left nostril until about 4 years ago. I have had 4 nose surgeries to work on my deviated septum and to open air flow. The... READ MORE

Cleft Lip (Nose) Symmetry is Off. Is There Hope to Fix It? (photo)

I have a cleft lip, I think the doctors that I had as a child did a great job but being a 27 year old woman and still very self-conscious about the... READ MORE

Cleft Lip Revision Rhinoplasty - 21 yrs old? (photo)

I was born with a cleft lip and had surgery when I was 14, hoping to make my nose more symmetrical. I was unhappy with the results. I am now 21 and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nose & Mouth. Plus Scarring on Top of my Mouth? (photo)

Hello. Im Ayesha, a nineteen years old girl. I have a cleft-palate, and have undergone about 6 surgeries since I was 3 months old. I have done my nose... READ MORE

Can surgery fix my asymmetrical nose and lips caused by a cleft lip? (Photo)

I was born with a cleft lip and it was fixed when I was a baby. Now I am 21 years old and would really like to look more normal. Also there is a hole... READ MORE

Is it possible to have cleft lip fixed since I already had nose job done?

Was born with cleft lip and palate. My palate has been fixed. I had revision rhinoplasty two weeks ago, but I'm not happy with my lip the way it looks... READ MORE

Born with cleft lip; what would you recommend? (Photos)

I was born with a cleft lip, and have had two surgeries in the past to fix it. One when I was a baby and one when I was 13, what else would you... READ MORE

Can Facial Asymmetry Be Corrected? (photos)

I want the best way for asymmetry correction I'm cleft lip and palate READ MORE

Cleft Lip Inquiring About Further Procedures? (photo)

I was born with cleft lip and palate and have undergone many surgeries over the years. I underwent an Abbe flap and am curious for professional... READ MORE

Can Lips Be Reshaped?

I have a unilateral cleft lip and my upper lip is asymmetrical. Can the vermillion be reshaped to have a more attractive appearance? READ MORE

I was born with a cleft lip and palate. I have had double jaw surgery. What is making my face look so unbalanced? (Photo)

My question is what is making my face look so unbalanced? I have had a oral surgery..looks like my top another correction jaw surgerys... READ MORE

Cleft lip revision needed, do I have any chance with today's tech? (Photos)

I was born with cleft lip, had last lip revision in 2005, but I am not pleased with asymmetrical lips, and fullness of upper lip red area. I would... READ MORE

Can an asymmetrical alveolar be corrected /shaved or reshaped?

My top jaw/alveolar (and teeth)is asymmetrical, Where one side is curved as it should be the other is angular and distorts my upper lip. This is... READ MORE

To those doctors who are willing to help my uneven lip and nose. Is there any way I could have surgery for free? (Photo)

Free plastic Surgery for a non symmetrical nose and lip . i have undergone cleft lip and palate surgery. Pls help me. I am soon to be teacher but i am... READ MORE

Cleft lip/palate - asymmetric face. (photos)

I feel so insecure with how I look. My face is really assymetrical, my nostrils are uneven and no nostril definition, my lips are uneven, my philtrum... READ MORE

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