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What Should I Do for my Cleft Nose? (photo)

I write this to consult surgery on a birth defect. I’m 31-year-old male who was born with a cleft lip and palate, I had two surgeries as an... READ MORE

I want to have my cleft palate surgery. I'm 26yrs old. Is this possible at my age? What are the complications?

I am 26yrs old..i have a cleft palate and cleft lip..i had my cleft lip surgery when i was 5yrs old..but i didn't not undergo a cleft palate operation... READ MORE

Cleft Lip (Nose) Symmetry is Off. Is There Hope to Fix It? (photo)

I have a cleft lip, I think the doctors that I had as a child did a great job but being a 27 year old woman and still very self-conscious about the... READ MORE

I am cleft patient. Are there any alternative surgery to abbe flap?

I am 27 years male now. Enquired for a upper lip reconstruction. Just wanted to know if there are any alternative surgery for abbe flap READ MORE

25 yr old looking for reconstructive surgery for a cleft lip and palate. Can anything be done? (Photo)

The last surgery I had was when I was 18 so I am looking to see if anything can be done to better improve my facial features. I'm thinking about... READ MORE

Is it safe for a 32 Yr old to have cleft palate surgery?

I had my cleft palate surgery when I was 2 yrs old.It was almost successful until my mom feed me.Now,The cleft palate is open again.Is it safe for me... READ MORE

I have a speech defect due to cleft palate. Is it still fixable?

I am 32 years old now and i hope to fix my speech defect is it still fixable? My parents just let me grew up like i have a job and this... READ MORE

Cleft lip repair (photos)

I was born with a cleft lip and pallet. I just had my 3rd surgery. I was born in Bosnia so only had one surgery at 3 month and none until I was 27.... READ MORE

I was born with a cleft lip and nose. Fourteen surgeries and a lot of dental work. What would be best for me? (photos)

Would lip augmentation be beneficial for me? At this point, being 32 are there any touch ups (nose or lips) I should ask from a surgeon? READ MORE

What would be conservative surgical options to improve the look of a (treated) cleft lip in an adult? (Photo)

I am 27, and am concerned with just the notch in the upper lip itself (not the scar, etc.). I am curious about least extreme surgical options,... READ MORE

Cleft Lip Palate Repair for an Adult? (photos)

I've been lucky and blessed to have had my cleft repaired at CHLA as I grew up. Unfortunately once I turned 21 I stopped receiving cleft repair... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old. I was born with a cleft lip and I want to know is there anyway I can get my teeth corrected? (Photos)

My mom told me I had two surgeries left but she never took me back for them . Im fine with the lip ! I just want my teeth fixed . Can you help me READ MORE

Hairs growing on upper lip after cleft lip revison done. (photo)

Hi, I am 27 Years Male, I have my cleft lip revison done about 40 days ago. Now the problem is there are hairs growing on my upper lip. I am not able... READ MORE

I Have a Swollen Part in Between Nose and Upper Lip That is in Philitrum from Birth. Its a Kind of Cleft Lip.

I have a swollen part in between nose and upper lip that is in philitrum from birth.Its a kind of cleft lip.But there is no opening between mouth and... READ MORE

Cleft Lip and Palette Septum Piercing?

Hi there I had cleft lip and palette when I was a baby and I have had all my reconstructive surgerys including a nose job, now at 25 I am heavily... READ MORE

Cleft Lip Repair on 27 Year Old Female

I am 27 yrs old female. I have cleft lip by birth. But i didnt had any surgery. The doctor said that it will reduce when she become old. But there is... READ MORE

Is there a possibility that I can speak clearly after I get my cleft palate surgery, even though I'm already 27 yrs old? (Photo)

Im 27yrs old..and i want to undergo a cleft palate surgery..and i want to know..after i had a cleft palate surgery,is there a possibilities that i can... READ MORE

Does my insurance cover a procedure to fix my nose and underbite and crossbite?

I am a 29 year old male born with a cleft lip/palate. I know orthognathic surgery would fix my underbite/crossbite and a spetorhinoplasty can fix my... READ MORE

I'm 25 born with cleft lip and palet, didn't get last surgeries needed before 18. Looking for cost help in Glendale AZ. (photo)

I've got a hole in top of my mouth slowing liquid to enter my nasel cavity. I have invisiline with fake teeth because I did not get the bridge I... READ MORE

I am 25 year girl. I have a scar because of cleft. I want to remove this scar, it is possible to remove this scar? (photo)

I want only remove this scar it is possible to remove this scar without any problems READ MORE

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