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Is a Dental Implant-supported Bridge a Wise Choice for 4 Front Upper Teeth and 4 Front Lower Teeth?

I have had a partial for 4 years and have a small mouth. Oral surgeon recommends 2 implants on top and 2 implants on bottom supporting a bridge?... READ MORE

Am I Making the Right Decision?

I have left a deposit to have a full upper and lower implant four on four, when I return to Florida from N.J. in September. After reading the reviews... READ MORE

What is the best way to go and place to go with a full set of dental implants?

I am 28 years old. I am mortified that I have to have a full set of dental implants. What is the best way to go with this procedure? I have spoken... READ MORE

Are there any suggestions for someone finding financial help to have Clear Choice fix my teeth? (Photo)

I consider myself a pretty girl. Unfortunately my younger years I had a lot of health issues with loosing vital nutrients for my teeth. I can not... READ MORE

Was told should consider an implant, but am concerned re finances. Will this process continue for all my teeth?

I recently had 1 tooth extracted...waited too long for a crown. I smoke and have gingivitis. READ MORE

Two anchors instead of four - will they be sufficient?

All the upper teeth were removed and four anchors were implanted. After six weeks, two anchors became loose and the were removed. After four weeks the... READ MORE

I had All-on-4 done at Clear Choice. My final denture has an excessive gap in back

In this same area there is a protrusion in the bridge that digs into my cheek. They said this is needed and not a defect I had similar issue on the... READ MORE

Are 2 or 3 implants better for supporting a 4 unit bridge?

The teeth I am missing are 11,12,13, and 14, and I am getting different advice from two periodontists. I am wondering which way has a better long term... READ MORE

Fell and broke my implant. Front teeth bar is still there but plastic part with teeth isn't. (Photo)

Can it be fixed today, paid in full will it cost anything? What to do? Freaking out and to embarrassed to go outside. READ MORE

Question about dental implants--Teeth shifted to fill in gap from missing teeth

I am missing 3 lower bottom teeth-- in the back. I was to get implants a few years ago & neglected to do so (Various reasons--moved to new city,... READ MORE

What research should I do? Second opinion, can you help?

A dentist has advised I need a 4 unit bridge on top left and a 5 unit bridge on top right, my 4 front teeth are crowned. The price is very reasonable... READ MORE

I already had my surgery done, and so both my teeth and gums of right side have been taken out.

So,is there any way I can get a fake tooth and gum for temporary wear,atleast for 2 months maximum? READ MORE

Where do I get mini implants? My 30 daughter just passed away. So the money for reg 1day implants went to Funeral cost etc.

I'm 52 and sick for 10 yr.The meds and dehydration ruined my teeth.i hate my daughter will miss my new smile I have 3 daughters that now keep me going... READ MORE

I have three teeth that are slightly loose, #4, 5 and # 14 upper top. How can I avoid extraction?

Is there a way of doing a bone graft or injection to save them? I'm missing #15 and #3 on either side of these teeth. I thought that the implants... READ MORE

Bridge broke from tooth 18 and 20. Dentist says teeth need to be pulled. Cost for one day implants and bridge? Or options?

---as the prices i got quoted seemed high for my retirement income--and im seventy 4 yrs old.--- implants--or minis--at the same time.? he can make a... READ MORE

I had all of my teeth removed in 2011. I would like to get implants but doubt I can afford it. I desperately need to do somthg.

I can not eat properly w/out teeth. I would like to get some suggestions about what options I might have and the cost of it. READ MORE

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