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Can I Get Implants Instead of Dentures with Poor Gums?

Due to the poor condition of my gums, I thought my only option was dentues, so I went to one of those 'cheap' dentures places about a year ago... READ MORE

Is a Dental Implant-supported Bridge a Wise Choice for 4 Front Upper Teeth and 4 Front Lower Teeth?

I have had a partial for 4 years and have a small mouth. Oral surgeon recommends 2 implants on top and 2 implants on bottom supporting a bridge?... READ MORE

Best Solution for 8 Missing Teeth

I been having dental issues for a while. And I lost 8 teeth. Will a flipper help fill these 8 teeth in or a bridge? READ MORE

Clear Choice Dental Implants, Marketing Hype or Quality Care?

There are really mixed reviews on the quality of care received from Clear Choice Dental Implants. A lot of people state that they feel they were... READ MORE

How Are Dentures Anchored by Implants?

What circumstances require this? Is this an option for people because of the cost? READ MORE

I understand you recommend implants, but is there a less costly way to do this?

Ibut having been through the consult process, for 3 implants w bone graft, a 4 tooth bridge and 1 crown, it was going to cost me $30,000. I have no... READ MORE

My Bottom Dentures Are Very Loose What Can I Do Please?

My dentist says because my bottom gums have shrunk a new set would not be any better READ MORE

What is the cost of replacing one upper front tooth?

I have lost one upper front tooth by extraction and now wearing a denture. What is the cost of replacing the one upper front tooth? READ MORE

Am I Making the Right Decision?

I have left a deposit to have a full upper and lower implant four on four, when I return to Florida from N.J. in September. After reading the reviews... READ MORE

Have upper and lower denture. How many lower mini implants and cost to keep them in place?

Upper no problem, lower is loose and cream holds for short periods. How many lower mini implants and cost to keep them in place. READ MORE

Have need of a third proposal on implants - where to go?

My dentist has told me that I have 3 options for my upper teeth: Dentures: $5,300, Snap on Dentures with 4 implants, $13,500, and full implants @... READ MORE

What is the best way to go and place to go with a full set of dental implants?

I am 28 years old. I am mortified that I have to have a full set of dental implants. What is the best way to go with this procedure? I have spoken... READ MORE

Are there any suggestions for someone finding financial help to have Clear Choice fix my teeth? (Photo)

I consider myself a pretty girl. Unfortunately my younger years I had a lot of health issues with loosing vital nutrients for my teeth. I can not... READ MORE

I have a overbite can I do ClearChoice Dental Implants?

I hate my teeth i dont smile much,my back teeth are gone can i have a mouth full of new teeth ? READ MORE

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