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ClearCorrect Trays Have Gap Between the Edge of my Teeth and the Plastic. Is This Normal?

I am on my first tray of ClearCorrect and something doesn't seem right. I have a small gap between the edge of my teeth and where the tray fits to the... READ MORE

Should the Clear Correct aligner trays fit snugly to the teeth and gums to be effective?

I am on my 3rd tray of Clear Correct aligners. The bottom tray fis snugly on my teeth and gums, however thre is space between the aligner and my gums... READ MORE

Third tray of clear correct not fitting my back teeth. Should I be concerned?

My 2nd tray of clear correct didn't fit properly along my back right top teeth.There was a gap between my teeth and the plastic that my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Would you recommend keeping the same tray on or moving to tray 2 since this one is loose?

I am on my first set of trays. When I got them they were snug and my teeth were sore for about 3 days. Now that I've been wearing them I can easily... READ MORE

How often are you changing trays?

My dentist has me changing trays every two weeks, but most of what I've read online says three. Is anyone else changing every two weeks? READ MORE

VPRO5 & Clear Correct - does this work?

I have just started Clear Correct and want to get this over and done with as fast as possible. I have seen various reviews of VPRO5 where the patients... READ MORE

Clear Correct lisp - tips to fix?

I have just started my clear correct. I am on first tray day 4. Today is my first day back in the office and I need to talk quite a bit and the lisp... READ MORE

Backtracking with Clear Correct trays? (Photo)

My ClearCorrect trays have been fitting progressively worse, but my dentist keeps saying "Looks OK" and I get more trays. The trays snap in, but they... READ MORE

Clearcorrect Switch Doctor? (photo)

I started Clearcorrect aligners 10 months ago, my doctor quit and I was transferred to another doctor.I am his first patient using aligners. 6 weeks... READ MORE

Does Clear Correct cause painful headaches?

I've been on Clear Correct trays for half a year now and have recently begun experiencing severe, painful headaches. They are sharp and typically... READ MORE

How long until bottom Clear Correct tray stops cutting my tongue?

I am on tray 1 day 10 of Clear Correct aligners. The bottom tray has made my tongue bleed every day. My dentist filed them and indicated I was on my... READ MORE

Dentist Vs Orthodontist?

I've already paid for the treatment and had my impressions taken, the dentist hasn't received the trays yet though. After doing some Googling (a... READ MORE

What can I do to adjust my retainers from constantly rubbing on my tongue causing sores and swelling?

I just started tray two the other day, I find with both trays even with my doctor adjusting or smoothing the edgea of the trays it's hard to keep them... READ MORE

I think my tray may have been made wrong. My ortho is unavailable for the next 5 days. What should I do? (photos)

I received my third tray last week. Initially, it fit fine, but then I noticed a gap at the gumline and it wasn't flush with my gum. Ortho took me in... READ MORE

Clear Correct - can this cause cavities and gum recession?

I am up to tray 5 of CC, on my last visit to the dentist he had to fill a small hole in the side of one of my teeth. I also pointed out there were 2... READ MORE

Should my dentist have redone all of my engagers when we had to take new molds and start a new round of trays?

After an 18 months my teeth still weren't straight. Took new molds & sent in for a new round of trays. When we got them, my dentist just sent me... READ MORE

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