Witch's Chin + Chin Surgery

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Would Jaw Surgery Help with a Pointy Chin and Make Smile Wider?

I have a witch profile. Would jaw surgery balance it out, or something else. Would Invisalign help? READ MORE

Chin Reduction Options for Witch Chin?

I am in my 20's and I have what some people would describe as a Witch chin. I have a deep crease in the middle of my chin and my chin points out... READ MORE

Revision Surgery After Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

I had a sliding genioplasty done 10 months ago with some minor neck liposuction. Not 100% sold on the result. I think it definitely improved my... READ MORE

What type of surgery do I need to fix my witch chin and nose profile? (photos)

What type of surgery do I need to fix my witch chin and nose profile will it be just liposuction or more? Will they do this if I have itp? Is there... READ MORE

What is the best fix for "witches chin"? (photos)

Hi I'm a 23 yr old female and I hate my smile because of my chin. I have decided to get it fixed but wasn't sure if a chin reduction would work or... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Surgery - Is it Necessary?

Hi! I went to my orthodontist to see if I had a misaligned bite, but he said my jaw was perfectly aligned, so that rules out jaw surgery! My chin does... READ MORE

My Long Chin is Bothering Me?

My chin looks like a witch's whenever I smile wide with my teeth shown. Any surgery that can reduce or remove the protruding part or reduce my chin? READ MORE

What Type of Surgery Will Solve These Imbalances? (photo)

Hello - I've wanted to improve my appearance for a long time. There is an overall sense of "imbalance" to my face, especially around my nose and chin:... READ MORE

Fix my Nobby Witches Chin? What Do I Need Done to Fix It? Is It Worth It? I Still Want to Look Like my Family? (photo)

What do I need done to fix it? Is it worth it? I still want to look like my family. My chin is extremely rounded and when I smile I always get a... READ MORE

Any recommended surgery for my jaw/ chin or my overall face? (photos)

Can anyone recommend a procedure that will help my jaw or chin? I hate the lower half of my face because it makes my face look long and more narrow.... READ MORE

How would I go about a more feminine chin? (photos)

I have never liked my smile because of the way my chin bulges out (reminds me of a witch's chin). However, I'm not exactly sure how to go about... READ MORE

Any surgeons in the US experienced with chin ptosis/witch's chin

I'm 21 & I've always been self conscious of my smile. I don't take pictures with friends/family ever because when i smile i have skin or something... READ MORE

I have a "witch's chin". What procedure would best give me a more feminine and aesthetically pleasing appearance? (photo)

My chin seems too long and pointy for my face, makes me look less feminine, and even angry or mean at certain angles. Long ago, my orthodontist told... READ MORE

Do I have witch's chin, or a deformity? (Photo)

My smile is forced, it pushes my cheeks up, and is very, very uncomfortable. My mouth and my smIle barely stretch, and the picture below shows the... READ MORE

Anyway to fix Witch's Chin/Chin Ptosis? (photos)

Hi! So I unfortunately inherited this chin (which everybody on my mother's side has) It's like a big ball of squishy tissue that gets all distorted... READ MORE

Fixing my "witch's chin"? As well as possible rhinoplasty? (Photo)

What kind of procedure should I get to fix my protruding chin? I am very self conscious of my side profile, because of it. I would also like to soften... READ MORE

How can I fix this witch's chin? (Photos)

I have what people consider a "witch's chin" and it makes me extremely insecure. It ruins my smile, profile, and shape of my face. I don't know why it... READ MORE

I want facial profile/asymmetry improvement to a sharp heart-shape. Very thankful for any suggestions. (photos)

So i really love to know and to alter the things, that give me that "witchy" look . Laughing emphasize those bad features. I have also an asymmetrical... READ MORE

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