Widen + Chin Surgery

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Will a Sliding Genioplasty Increase Chin Width?

I am wondering if it is possible to increase chin width with a sliding genioplasty? From what I have read - the chin is cut, brought forward and then... READ MORE

Is it possible to widen chin with genioplasty?

I'm currently looking to had vertical length as well as add width if possible. Could this be done using this procedure. READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty be customized to widen the chin and also increase projection at the same time? (photos)

Can a sliding genioplasty be customized to widen the chin as well as increase projection at the same time? I have a narrow pointy chin that is also... READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty widen a narrow pointy chin?

I have read that it is possible to widen a narrow chin by cutting the jaw in the middle and widening it. Can you provide projection and width... READ MORE

Which procedures are required to get chin both widened to sides and lengthened horizontally?

I have kind of small chin compared to my upper face from front view. In order to increase my chin's width to sides and vertical length what procedures... READ MORE

Do I need chin reduction? How can I enhance my face/look? (photos)

I have long pointy chin, I had fillers done to widen my chine a little bit, it shows in the photo that my face became a little square from the sides,... READ MORE

I'm 22, can my jaw and chin still grow naturally till 25? Or that is impossible? (Photo)

I thought maybe joining the gym would grow my jaw wider and my chin bigger is it possible at 22 ? Or I have passed the last level of growth ? And... READ MORE

What's the best option for my long chin? (photos)

I have noticeable long chin especially when smiling, when I smile my mouth doesn't open very wide which results in not being able to see my teeth I... READ MORE

Can I get a wider jaw/chin without implants? I have a weak jaw/chin but my bite is fine. Want to look more masculine.

Is it possible to get a wider jaw/stronger chin without implants? Are there any distraction osteogenesis methods done for Jaw/chin width? I looked up... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a sliding genio to fix your bite and then get a chin implant to get a different shape/wider chin?

I have a weak chin and a slight overbite, nothing bad though. I would like my chin to be brought forward and get it wider while fixing my slight... READ MORE

After jaw surgery, my nose widens when smiling: would Botox or surgery address this? (photos)

I've had two two-jaw surgeries which corrected an underbite. Now, my nose is wider at rest, which I'm OK with. I also notice that my nose widens a lot... READ MORE

Kinda regret my genioplasty revision. Please help!

Hi doctors I just had my genioplasty revision r a week (2mm advancement + ~7mms widening). My first surgery left me with a small & too v shape look... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty, widening and bone graft?

Hello there! What I did was widening my chin, cover the gap with the chin bone&moved it a bit forward. I have been coughing but it's all good except... READ MORE

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