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Chin Reduction- What to expect/What is possible?

I'm 24 and ever since my rhinoplasty last Sept my chin has been driving me absolutely insane. Love my new nose but I feel like it now makes my chin... READ MORE

Is my chin small for my face? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old male. My lower jaw and chin seem unbalanced and makes me look baby faced. I have wide cheekbones and my jaw is strong from the side,... READ MORE

Will a Chin Reduction Improve my Looks? (photo)

I feel that my face bone structure is too masculine. My chin in particular is wide and squarish from the front. The profile view is okay. I would like... READ MORE

What procedures do I need to enhance my chin & jawline area? Is it a good idea to get a rhinoplasty w/ chin augmentation?(photo)

Hello! I've always been tagged as a "baby face" and I don't appreciate it anymore because I'm already 25. Will I benefit from a combined chin and jaw... READ MORE

I have had two chin augmentations, the second to correct the first and am still unhappy with the results. Any suggestions?

First surgery was a winged implant(silicon) which made my chin too wide and bone grew over the implant. Second surgery: removed the implant, shaved... READ MORE

Can I get a wider Chin with a geniopalsy? (photos)

Can I get a longer jaw and a wider chin and fix a asymmetrical chin with a Genioplasty ? If yes then How much would it cost ? READ MORE

Jaw, chin or neck surgery? (photos)

As you can see from my front and side profile, I have a wide jaw and no definition to my chin and jawline. What are my best options for improving my... READ MORE

Would a wide short chin have any limitations to the degree it can be moved forward through a sliding genionplasty? (photo)

If you were to imagine you were looking under my chin, my jaw would look like the one on the left on the picture added. Basically, my jaw is wide and... READ MORE

After jaw surgery, my nose widens when smiling: would Botox or surgery address this? (photos)

I've had two two-jaw surgeries which corrected an underbite. Now, my nose is wider at rest, which I'm OK with. I also notice that my nose widens a lot... READ MORE

I'm 18, is surgery the only option to get rid of a genetic double chin? Also, what can I do about a wide neck? (photos)

My chin has bothered me for years since I can remember. No matter what weight I am it doesn't seem to completely go away. I was wondering what the... READ MORE

Surgery options to fix my facial features/shape - want similar facial features like this actress. (photos)

1) I have a peculiar face shape, most of my face mass lies at the cheek portion thus making my smile look wide and spread . 2) I have a good nose... READ MORE

Chin augmentation or alar base reduction first? (Photos)

My face is very round and I feel like my chin isn't long enough for my face, but my nose is too wide for my face, especially when I smile. Because I... READ MORE

11 days post op: sliding genioplasty, my chin is so long/narrow. Just swelling or will it stay this long? (photos)

I hate my chin. I love the width but it's way too long and I don't look like myself at all. I've attached some before and afters of my side view... READ MORE

Can a 16 year old have work done to her face? (photos)

I have a very wide face and excess fat on my jawline and cheeks. I Really would like this pulled up or removed so my face could be heartshaped. Is... READ MORE

What is the cost and procedure type to slim the jaw line? (photos)

I have a very wide jaw for a female, it bothers me quite a lot in photos. I'm aiming for an overall softer, feminine face if possible. I live in... READ MORE

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