Weak Chin + Chin Surgery

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Best Way to Correct my Weak Chin/jaw

I'm 23 years old, looking to get a stronger chin to better balance my face - what would be the best possible way to do this? Thanks. READ MORE

My chin wrinkles up when I close my mouth! Help? (Photo)

Hello! Whenever I close my mouth, my chin wrinkles up. The only time my chin is relaxed is when my mouth is hanging slightly open. I find it annoying... READ MORE

I Don't Have a Jawline? (photo)

I've always had a weak chin/jawline and it's only getting worse.. I've had braces to try and correct my overjet, with little to no improvement. I have... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery and HIV. Am I a Good Candidate?

I have always felt like I had a weak chin and that it was making my face a little bit unbalanced (and a tad feminine), and I have been thinking... READ MORE

Could I get a sliding genioplasty? How much does this procedure cost? (photos)

I really dislike my profile. I know my nose is upturned and that I have a week chin. However, I am on a bit of a budget and would rather fix my chin... READ MORE

Been bothered by my deep labiomental fold and aesthetics of my facial profile for some time. What is my Best Option? (photo)

I'm male, 19y.o., quite bothered about my chin aesthetics, espeically my unpleasant-looking labiomental fold. I have a slight overbite (the top teeth... READ MORE

Do I have a weak jawline and should I get jaw surgery to fix my under bite? (Photo)

I have a slight under bite and I also feel like I have a weak chin because sometimes when I smile it looks like I have a double chin. I have had... READ MORE

Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

So I'm 16 and iv'e always been very self conscious about my lower jaw and chin. It feel as if I either have a short lower jaw, a weak chin, or both in... READ MORE

Is there any way I can get a more defined jaw line? (photos)

I recently saw an oral surgeon about chin augmentation surgery. I had braces as an adult and had 4 teeth extracted. Ever since then, I have been very... READ MORE

Do I Have a Weak Chin and Need Cosmetic Chin Surgery?

I've always thought I had a small/weak chin and it's always bothered me. I have really high cheek bones and I believe my chin makes my face look very... READ MORE

How to improve weak chin? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 22 Y/O Male and I feel that I have a very weak chin. I have had braces which have solved my severe overbite but it has not helped my... READ MORE

What would you recommend for receding chin and overjet/overbite, sliding genioplasty and lipo? (photos)

Hi: I believe I have a weak/receding chin and jaw, an excess of chin and neck fat (which bundles up whenever I lower my head), as well as... READ MORE

What will fix my weak chin? (photos)

I am lacking a lot of self confidence when it comes to my facial appearance. My upper lip is very short and it is very hard to close my mouth. When I... READ MORE

Weak Chin As a Result of Rhinoplasty?(photo)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty few months ago but I think that my chin is too weak compared to my forehead and nose and the start of my lips. Also, one of... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Help with Weak Chin? (photo)

Hello. I'm currently 18 years old and I've been very insecure with my chin for a long time. I want to fix it! I'm not sure what is the best solution... READ MORE

Potential chin or jaw work ? Hi. My lower third face is weak. Would chin or jaw work help fill this out? (photos)

When i push my lower jaw forward my face looks great filled out and supported. ..are there any appliances that could bring my jaws forward to fill out... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for sliding genioplasty to make my chin advanced forward and shortened?

Hello, so I've been self conscious about my chin and jaw for quite some time! My chin could be described as "weak" since it goes somewhat backwards,... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Chin/neck Area? (photo)

My face basically recedes directly into my neck without any clear chin definition. I am 19 years old and skinny so it isn't a weight issue. I was... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis after Sliding Genioplasty - how is it avoided and how common is it ? (photos)

Hi! I am planning to have a sliding genioplasty to fix my weak chin as I do not like the idea of an implant. I am looking into the risks associated... READ MORE

I Have Weak Jawline and Receding Chin, and Protruding Teeth; What Can I Do? (photo)

In addition i also have protruding upper teeth due to which i cannot close my mouth if my lips are relaxed. but i dont have any difficulty in chewing... READ MORE

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