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Swollen Chin After 3 Months Sliding Genioplasty!?? PLEASE HELP!!

Also I don't like how my face looks long!! Is there any way I can get a revision done and put everything back to the way I looked before... READ MORE

Unhappy With Long Mouth and Upturned Chin, What Would You Recommend? (photo)

Hi I Am Simar from India I Have Problem with my Face my my Mouth is Long and my Chin is Turns Forward Like Wwe Superstars Khali READ MORE

Is Fat Injections Recommended on Chin Augmentation?

I had a chin augmentation twice and it still not right. My doctor is not wanting to take it off and replace it b/c he states I can make things worse.... READ MORE

How can my chin be reversed to its original position? (Photo)

I have had numerous surgeries on my chin. I was very unhappy with the original sliding genioplasty result and had a revision to reduce it. After the... READ MORE

2 weeks post op chin reduction (sliding genioplasty). My chin looks big and round I am very unhappy! (Photo)

I had a chin reduction surgery exactly two weeks ago. He preformed a sliding genioplasty which reduced my vertical length by 5mm and also decreased... READ MORE

What surgeries could I have to help balance out the rest of my face? (photos)

I'm unhappy with my nose shape and chin. Actually that triangle mouth, chin, nose area in general (I joke it makes me look like the Disney version of... READ MORE

3 Months Post Sliding Genioplasty and I Hate the Result. What Are My Options?

My face looks much longer and narrower than before and I look older. My cheeks appear pulled in and I've lost the definition of my cheekbones. The... READ MORE

Please Tell Me What I Can Do About a Step off Occuring in a Genioplasty??

I had this procedure done almost 2 months now and it resulted in this big U-shaped chin where it looks detached from my face and it does not form a... READ MORE

What can I do, if I've had bad jaw reconstructive surgery?

I really want to sue my doc for having paid him 35grand to have me look like a man. I had double jaw surgery 2012 of April and I Sooo hate what he's... READ MORE

Is there an option to fix my smile cosmetically?

I am currently on my 15 invisalign tray of 20... I can already tell that I will be unhappy with the results. My jaw on one side is quite a bit lower... READ MORE

Please give me some suggestion regarding my jaw surgery. (Photo)

I had protruding lower jaw which was somewhat bothered me in side view so i have planned to go for surgery, my dental surgeon told that i have under... READ MORE

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