Uneven + Chin Surgery

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Uneven Chin Asymmetric Face? (photo)

Hello. i would like to know if there is any solution to my problem. i have been to million doctors already but they all seem to be indifferent. i have... READ MORE

Face Asymmetry (Chin & Lips)? (photo)

I've always had a very asymmetric face. It's more visible in pictures than in real life (at least I hope so!). I underwent a profiloplasty 4 months... READ MORE

Fell on Chin in 5th Grade, and Has Been Uneven Since. What Can I Do to Fix It? How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

In the 5th grade I fell on black top directly on my chin. Ever since then my chin on the right side where I fell on it has been uneven. I asked my... READ MORE

How to fix an uneven chin and weak jawline? (Photo)

Hello, I'm looking to fix the unevenness in my chin (see photos). How much pain and cost would be involved? Also, how long would it take to see... READ MORE

What is the best way to even out my lower face/jaw line? (Photo)

I was taped giving a speech and noticed the unevenness of the lower half of my face. I had noticed it before but it did not seem pronounced enough for... READ MORE

Unbalanced face? (photos)

Hey docs. So as you can see in the photos, I have a very crooked smile, uneven jawline and a wonky nose. Few years ago I had Bell's palsy on the left... READ MORE

What surgery (if any) can fix my uneven jaw? (Photo)

Hello, I have a noticeable uneven jawline, that has been progressing as I get older. What worries me, are my teeth are aligned straight. If I push my... READ MORE

What can be done about my uneven chin?

The chin/ jawline of my face is unsymmetrical can this be fixed with fillers, but just in general the left side of my face is slightly droopy compared... READ MORE

I don't know what is wrong with my chin, is it broken or uneven?

I have always had a weird shaped chin. It is bigger on one side and has strange dimples when I smile that are not attractive. I think it's excess fat... READ MORE

I have uneven Jaw/chin line that has seemed to get worse with time & is making my nose point to the left. Any suggestion?(photo)

What can I do to fix this because it feels like my jaw is pushed out and in on one side (see pic) How much would it cost? READ MORE

What Would Be the Name of my "Condition", and How is It Fixed? (photo)

At the mid line of my mandible, the right half sits higher and bows inward, it is actually physically uncomfortable, and has bothered me for years. It... READ MORE

Uneven cleft chin. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have a cleft chin the right side seems more fatty than the left and is uneven. What are my options to fix this if any ? READ MORE

Can I change my face shape? (photos)

My chin is uneven, my jaw goes far more to the left than the right but my main concern is the length and shape of my chin. From the side it is drawn... READ MORE

I have had two chin augmentations, the second to correct the first and am still unhappy with the results. Any suggestions?

First surgery was a winged implant(silicon) which made my chin too wide and bone grew over the implant. Second surgery: removed the implant, shaved... READ MORE

What to do about chin ptosis/dimpling after genioplasty? Lifelong nodule now causing uneven lip? (Photo)

I had lower jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty, then recently had the genioplasty reversed. Chin ptosis and dimpling occurred. Mentalis resuspension... READ MORE

Uneven chin (Photo)

So its been almost a year since i discovered that the right side of my chin is bigger than the other side; At first it was not obvious at all, but... READ MORE

Chin Reduction in 2010, Left Side if Longer and Uneven? (photo)

I had a chin reduction in 2010. I'm not quite happy with the outcome, because my left side is longer and more uneven. Also, i feel two ridges and... READ MORE

One side of my chin has excess bone growth compared to the other side. What's funny is that there is a mole on top of it

I think these two things must be related, because the bump of bone (at least, I think it's bone, it's hard) is right where the mole is. I don't think... READ MORE

Why does my chin lean towards the left when I close my mouth? How can I fix this? (Photo)

My face is very uneven like my right side looks so different than my left and the fact that my jaw leans towards the left side makes it worse ! How... READ MORE

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