TMJ + Chin Surgery

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Weak Chin - Jaw Surgery Vs. Chin Implant?

Hi, I have suffered from TMJ pain for about 4 years. I have tried various methods (night guard, soft foods, massage, etc) with no success. I have made... READ MORE

Bottom heavy round face on a thin young woman, what are my best options? (Photo)

I've always had a very round face. As I've grown up I've thinned out in some areas but stayed full in others. The shape of my face really depresses... READ MORE

How to fix my receding chin? (photos)

I am a 24 years old girl,according to my dentist i am suffering from TMJ though i don't feel any pain (just some clicking sounds when chewing). I... READ MORE

Would a sliding genioplasty be for me?

Good afternoon! I am writing because I am very self conscious about my small/weak chin and lack of a jaw line. I think it makes me look like I sort of... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin, cheek, and/or jaw augmentation to achieve male model facial aesthetics? (photos)

I am looking for exceptionally square, strong and masculine jawline to bring my facial aesthetics to the next level. I already have a fairly low... READ MORE

Recessed jaw and TMJ disorder ... which surgeries will I need, and can they be done at the same time?

I have a recessed jaw with TMJ disorder (clicking and popping, difficult chewing, sometimes soreness) that I'm seriously considering fixing. I don't... READ MORE

What would be the best option to aesthetically enhance the lower portion of my face? (Photo)

What would be the best option to aesthetically enhance the lower portion of my face. I have TMJ and arthritis in both sides of my jaw. Would a chin... READ MORE

Will chin surgery worsen my TMJ?

I had distraction osteogenesis three years ago to correct my severe micronathia and reduce pressure on my airway; however, immediately after this... READ MORE

What jaw/chin procedure would work best for my imbalanced face? (Photos)

My face didnt always use to be as crooked as it is now, three years ago my fave was as symmetical as humanly possible. But my TMJ got worse I ended up... READ MORE

Best Procedure for my Jawline/Chin/Jowls? (Photos)

I am a 35yr. old female. I'm fairly thin and always have been, 5'6 and 125 lbs., yet I have jowls, poorly defined jawline. My face looks bottom heavy... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation/Jaw Surgery? (photos)

I'm a 23 yr old female. I'm interested in Chin and Jaw surgery for cosmetic reasons. A brief history: I have had braces along with a palette expander,... READ MORE

32, Female with asymmetrical jaw: Should it be corrected or will upper denture make a difference? (Photo)

Hi, I am 32 f & hate how I look in pictures because of my jaw. I have been diagnosed with tmj & obstructive sleep apnea but the doctor said... READ MORE

I have TMJ and I think it's made my face look longer where my jaw is often out of place, how can I fix this?

It's really getting me down because i have quite a thin face anyway, and now the headaches and earaches im getting from the jaw are coupled with a... READ MORE

Do I have lip and tongue tie? Horrible TMJ (Photo)

For as long as I can remember I have had facial pain, jaw pain, and difficulty eating and swallowing. I don't even know where my bite is because the... READ MORE

What would I need to do to fix a receding and dimpling chin?

18/F - My mouth protrudes more than my nose and chin. My chin goes inwards at about a 15-20 degree angle. I don't have any problems closing my mouth... READ MORE

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