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When will the tightness and numbness go away after my Genioplasty?

Hello, I got Genioplasty on the 27december 2013 and today is 6 January 2014, as most of the swelling is gone, there still remains a lot of swelling in... READ MORE

Bottom lip got thiner :( & my face longer and older after sliding genioplasty, Do you recommemd partially revision surgery? (pho

I had Sliding genioplasty week ago (9mm forward and little down).I am so shocked and regret with my front face,my bottom lip rolled in and got 1/2size... READ MORE

Chin Reduction 10 Years Ago, and Then Plate Removal. Still Feel Tightness?

I had vertical chin reduction around 10 years ago and I always have the tight tissue/muscle feeling at the upper to middle area at the front area of... READ MORE

I have had two chin augmentations, the second to correct the first and am still unhappy with the results. Any suggestions?

First surgery was a winged implant(silicon) which made my chin too wide and bone grew over the implant. Second surgery: removed the implant, shaved... READ MORE

Tight Muscle Feeling at my Chin After Vertical Chin Reduction. Can It Be Solved?

I had vertical chin reduction around 10 years ago, then I always have the tight muscle feeling at the upper to middle area of my chin. I thought it... READ MORE

10 yrs post op sliding genioplasty, I have pain and tightness under my mandible in and around the lymph node. Is this normal?

The pain emanates from where the notch was made, especially around the lymph node under my mandible. It feels very tender if I touch it. I would say... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Eliminate Constant Pulling Feeling from Chin Lift Still Felt 2yrs Later?

I had a chin lift performed two years ago to remove a nasty double chin and imediately noticed a pulling feeling from ear to ear that has never left.... READ MORE

Tightness after Genioplasty?

I had sliding Genioplasty two weeks ago with inner mouth incision. I feel tightness and dryness got worse on stitching and bottom lip now! What can be... READ MORE

Scars caused tightness after sliding genioplasty?

Feel tightness in my mentalis muscle but what I am worry about is tightness in depressor muscle! I am wondering if two scars at two side of my chin... READ MORE

I had a sliding genioplasty around 6 months ago but my mouth area is still very tight. Is this normal?

I had surgery with whom I considered to be a good genioplasty surgeon; Unfortunately my result is less than ideal. My chin is still numb and swelling... READ MORE

It's been 6 months since sliding chin. Will I get sensation back and can I do anything to recover faster? (Photo)

I had a sliding chin 6 months ago. I still can't feel the tip of my chin or the left side of my chin (I do have some tingling in my lip) . Also, I... READ MORE

I had 12 mm chin advancement by surgery. Will reversing genioplasty help in resolution of tightness?

I had 12 mm chin advancement by sg, i feel tightness and weird feeling , its been 2 months. Reversing geneoplasty help in resolution of tightness??... READ MORE

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