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Best Technique to Fix Small Chin?

I am 33 years old and have struggled with my chin since high school. Back in 2004 I had scheduled surgery for chin lipo and an implant and found out I... READ MORE

Are There Any Plastic Surgeons Familiar With THe V-Line Chin Augmentation?

I saw this website on V-line chin augmentation. Are there any doctors in the los angeles area that are familiar or are capable of doing this type of... READ MORE

Best Way to Balance and Or/add Volume to One Side of Chin? (photo)

My chin was injured years ago and this resulted in the right corner of my chin being more prominent (the bone sticks out more). I want to make my face... READ MORE

Is Korean V Line surgery similar to any American genioplasty?

I've been reading how the Koreans have a surgery called V Line surgery to make their faces smaller...their jaws better defined. Is there an American... READ MORE

Shaving/burring Method to Narrow Chin?

Is it possible to narrow the chin with the blurring/shaving method. I feel if I got a chin implant it will make my face look longer and the chin wider. READ MORE

Why do some doctors avoid bone burring to reshape the jaw/chin?

I've contacted a few doctors & there is varying opinion about whether chin/mandible reshaping by burring the bone is a reliable approach to a more... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation - Genioplasty Vs Implant? (photo)

For a few years, I've been unhappy with my chin. As you can see from the picture, my nose isn't exactly small and my chin isn't helping. I've been... READ MORE

How Are Chin Reductions Performed?

I find it difficult to find plastic surgeons who have experience with this type of procedure. Chin augmentation seems more common than reduction... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty without plates and screws. Is there any Dr. who knows about this method? Is it available in the U.S.?

On RealSelf a Dr. in Spain says he does sliding genioplasties without plates or screws but instead uses "very thin steel wires to fix the piece, 2 or... READ MORE

Do I need chin surgery? If so, which method is best for me? Male, 24 years old (Photo)

I had braces as a kid to improve my lower jaw...but i had them removed about 8 yrs ago..recently i noticed that my lower jaw n chin are still pretty... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Information

Can a chin reduction reduce length and pointiness of chin instead of just promninence from a profile view? READ MORE

Are there different ways to dissect and resuspend the mentalis muscle in chin surgery?

Such as different tools, incision techniques, suturing techniques, etc. Is this any different if a revision is needed? READ MORE

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