Swelling + Chin Surgery

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1 Month Post Sliding Genioplasty: Is This Swelling or Permanent?

I had this procedure done 1 month ago and I am very disappointed with the results. My chin now looks way too prominent(it actually sticks out of my... READ MORE

Regretting sliding genioplasty. Bottom lip is thinner and chin is longer than before, can this be reversed asap? (photo)

(2wks post op) Although I have swelling I am 100 % certain my chin is longer - I can feel the bone. There is minimal swelling horizontally, however,... READ MORE

Swollen Chin After 3 Months Sliding Genioplasty!?? PLEASE HELP!!

Also I don't like how my face looks long!! Is there any way I can get a revision done and put everything back to the way I looked before... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Chin Swelling to Go Away After Surgery?

I just had a chin lift 14 days ago and I wore the face garment for 3 straight days, I went back to work and only wear it at night. I still see some... READ MORE

I Want to Know Why My Chin Is Still Swelling 9 Days Post Op?

Hi my chin was really big and i had chin reduction 1 week 2 days ago n i dont know i see my chin still really big..it doesnt looks smaller.. READ MORE

How to fix an uneven chin and weak jawline? (Photo)

Hello, I'm looking to fix the unevenness in my chin (see photos). How much pain and cost would be involved? Also, how long would it take to see... READ MORE

How Long for Results to Appear?

I am day 6 post sliding genioplasty for a receding chin. I am completely panicky. I wanted a subtle change but i find myself a completely different... READ MORE

Is this swelling or is this how my chin will look? (photo)

I had a sliding geneoplasty 12 days ago and I hate the way my chin looks. What can I do to get rid of this crease which has gotten worse after surgery? READ MORE

The length of my chin after chin reduction surgery does not fit the other features of my face! Any suggestion? (photo)

I've had jaw angles&chin reduction surgery 34 days ago,I wasn't realy pleased,i feel that my chin now is too short and doesn't fit the other features... READ MORE

Chin sticks out - want the most mild type of surgery.

My chin has always been sticking out more than it should. i went for a consultation and the doctor said the best option was to cut the jaw from the... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help with Swelling 2 Months Post Op Genioplasty?

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 months ago and my lower face looks really fat and I have a double chin even though I am 115 pounds and 5'4. I have... READ MORE

Swelling and numbness in chin and numb gums and bottom lip after 31/2 months? (photo)

So it has been 3 1/2 months after genioplasty and both upper and lower jaw surgery. My lip is also numb as well as numb guns and achy teeth... Chin is... READ MORE

Will the Two Hard Notches Under Jaw on Each Side of my Chin After Genioplasty Go Away?

I'm on Day 4 after my sliding genioplasty procedure for my weak/recessed chin. There are two notches on the side and under my jawline, on each... READ MORE

2 Months Post Chin Reduction: Chin is Still Huge

Had a chin reduction 2 months ago and some fat added to even out the area also. It is still huge and tender to the touch. It looks worse than it did... READ MORE

What Do You Think of These Results? (photo)

I had genioplasty done about a week ago (so there is still numbness and some swelling) and I wanted to see what doctors here think of the results. I... READ MORE

Excess Swelling on Chin After Numerous Chin Reduction Surgeries

How can I get rid of excess swelling at tip of chin (after numerous chin reduction surgeries - sliding genioplasty 20 years ago, tissue reduction... READ MORE

Lower lip can't close after facial contouring and sliding genioplasty 5 weeks ago. Any suggestion? (photos)

My lower lip can't close as compared to my 'before' pic when I rest my lips.My surgeon is outstationed so I went to another clinic which the Doc took... READ MORE

I Had a Jawline and Chin Recontour but It Still Looks Square and Masculine?

I am a female that had a prominent jawline, something like Jennifer Aniston. I decided to have my jawline reduced and recontoured as well as my chin.... READ MORE

Severe Injury to Chin; Feels Like a Piece of Soft Tissue is 'Floating'. Will This Heal?

Fell flat on face, with chin taking the brunt of the fall. Chin swelled immediately, and felt like part of the soft tissue was very swollen. It is now... READ MORE

Will my horizontal crease become less severe after swelling? (photo)

I had a sliding geneoplasty to augment my chin and lessen the horizontal crease. My crease has gotten worse. Is this do to swelling? READ MORE

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