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How Can I Reshape my Chin when 2 Surgeons Already Declined?

I need to know what ways my chin can be reshaped. From profile view, it looks proportionate to my face, but from frontal view it looks long and... READ MORE

How to Correct a Receding Chin of a 14-year-old?

I'm 14 and I really, really, really hate my receding chin. I've already had my bite fixed, with help from an orthodontist. I'm still young but I don't... READ MORE

Changing my Face shape from square to oval

Hi, im 19 years old , asian and always hated my face shape. i was wondering what can i do to change my square face to a more feminine face shape, more... READ MORE

Changes to Chin Structure and Lower Jaw Area to Improve Proportions?

I have inherited a boxy and rather elongated chin, with slight "bulging" around my lower cheek (this remains even when I have lost weight). When I... READ MORE

Is there any way to slim a squared jawline and make it less prominent?

My jawline is a bit square-shaped and heavy. Is it possible to slim it somewhat? READ MORE

Is this double chin or genetics? Can it be fixed? How much? (photos)

I am a 19 year old girl, 5'3, 110 pounds. I have a small square face. All of my life I have had a "double chin" a little chub underneath my chin. My... READ MORE

What can be done to smooth out a lumpy chin like Eminem's?

I'm a 19 year old female and I have a chin (and mouth area) exactly like Eminem's. Square, droopy, saggy, cleft chin, lumpy, indents, harsh shadows.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin, cheek, and/or jaw augmentation to achieve male model facial aesthetics? (photos)

I am looking for exceptionally square, strong and masculine jawline to bring my facial aesthetics to the next level. I already have a fairly low... READ MORE

Any suggestions on my nose/ Jutted Chin reduction? (photos)

Hey, My side profile is very 'witchy', especially when I smile and I find my chin very square (cheers Dad). I'm not looking to super change my... READ MORE

Could my chin/jaw be more feminine looking and less defined? (Photo)

It seems like my chin and jaw area looks sort of square and masculine looking. Is there anyway to make it a bit more feminine. Thanks READ MORE

Could a chin osteotomy change my square-shaped face into longer, oval shaped face? (Photo)

I think the shape of my face is beautiful but it is rather short from a profile view. Is it possible to lengthen the jaw, not push it forward, but... READ MORE

How can I feminize my face and make my chin less boxy?

How can I feminize my face and make my chin less boxy READ MORE

What surgery do I need to achieve this jawline? (photos)

I want a '' saquare jawline '' like her's. what kind of surgery do i need to achieve this look and how much would it cost in canada ?? thank you READ MORE

Do I need chin reduction? How can I enhance my face/look? (photos)

I have long pointy chin, I had fillers done to widen my chine a little bit, it shows in the photo that my face became a little square from the sides,... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a chin reduction operation? (Photo)

Hello I am writing this because I feel very insecure and dissatisfied about the size of my chin. I find it to be rather large and was wondering if it... READ MORE

What could I do to fix my mandible shape? The issue I have is my face has a masculine look to it. (photos)

I have what I consider a rectangular face shape. I have a larger forehead and I also have a square jawline. my chin points out a little. with my... READ MORE

How to how to have pointed chin? (photos)

I have square chin but I like to have pointed chin.I wanna make my chin from 1 to 2 READ MORE

Square jaw after long face syndrome treatment?

Hi I was just wondering whether I could regain the square face type I had as a child before my adolescent years where I suffered from long face... READ MORE

I Had a Jawline and Chin Recontour but It Still Looks Square and Masculine?

I am a female that had a prominent jawline, something like Jennifer Aniston. I decided to have my jawline reduced and recontoured as well as my chin.... READ MORE

Kinda regret my genioplasty revision. Please help!

Hi doctors I just had my genioplasty revision r a week (2mm advancement + ~7mms widening). My first surgery left me with a small & too v shape look... READ MORE

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