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How Can I Get a Smaller, More Pointed Jawline? (photo)

I want to get my jaw/chin changed into a smaller, more pointed jawline (see attached picture). Is there any type of surgery that could help me obtain... READ MORE

What Procudure Would I Need for my Chin? (photo)

So basically, my chin is extremely large. What would need to be done to reduce it, and how much would it cost (English Pounds). READ MORE

Can I make my chin smaller? (Photo)

I hate my chin, it makes me super self conscious and I avoid a lot of people because of it. I want to know if there is some sort of surgical procedure... READ MORE

Is it possible to shave my chin down a little and make my jawline smooth instead of jagged? How much might it cost? (Photo)

Basically, I want my chin made a little smaller so it makes my face a little shorter and so it runs smoothly with my jawline. But still has the same... READ MORE

Is this my new chin? Can it be reversed? 2 month post-op sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I am devastated with the results. My chin is too prominate and tilted up, causing my lower face to look short with a large step off felt on the right.... READ MORE

Smaller chin and jaw options? I would like my chin to be shorter and have a more defined jaw. (Photo)

Hello! I have been uncomfortable with my jaw and general mouth area for quite some time. I would like my chin to be shorter and have a more defined... READ MORE

Is there a way to get a smaller chin? (Photo)

I am 14 years old and have a very prominent and pointy chin. Also when I smile my chin looks crooked. Is there a way for me to get a smaller chin. READ MORE

Chin reduction: How can I make my chin smaller, or blend into my face better? (Photo)

My chin is quite large (projects horizontally) with an uneven crease. When I smile it looks like my skin is being stretched out across it way more... READ MORE

What is the the cost and procedure to make my chin smaller? (photos)

Just wanted to know what the cost and procedure would be to make my chin smaller READ MORE

I want a smaller chin. I have a witch chin, that is too pointy and long. What is involved and how long is recovery time? (Photo)

I find my chin too long and pointy front on, side on it just out and is not in harmony with the rest of my face. My jaw alignment (teeth wise) is... READ MORE

Do I need surgery to fix my receding chin? (photos)

I have the impression that my chin is not long enough or that my lower jaw is smaller than my upper jaw. I don't know if it is true though since I... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have my chin made smaller into the exact shape of this models chin? (photos)

I like how square the edges are and also how small her chin is. I hate my chin and I've always thought it was big. Especially when I talk or smile. I... READ MORE

I hate my chin shape and size! Are there procedures to make it smaller? (Photo)

I HATE my big chin/jaw ! I know in my eyes it probably looks bigger then it actually is but it really gets me down. Is there procedures to make it... READ MORE

Do I need a chin reduction or jaw reduction? Also looking to make forehead smaller and less protruding (Photo)

I'm looking into having major facial surgery done. #1 I don't like the way my chin sticks out. #2 I don't like the way my forehead protrudes at my... READ MORE

There are a few things on my face that I would like to improve and I am wondering if you think they are good ideas (Photo)

I feel like my resting face makes it look like I am perpetually bored or sleepy. I think this could be improved if my jaw was changed to create a... READ MORE

My face is lopsided, What can I do to make my face symmetrical? (photos)

The right side of my jaw makes a popping noise and is smaller than The left side of my jaw. I also don't grow as much hair As I do on my left side... READ MORE

Can I have my lower jaw made smaller as it is very large and makes my chin look huge?

I am very depressed as I have a larger lower jaw and have had braces by they just about fixed my bite and my jaw is still big and can stick out a lot!... READ MORE

No difference 1 month post op chin reduction? (photos)

I had a chin reduction one month ago because I felt my chin was too big and masculine, I wanted a smaller, more triangular feminine chin. It's been a... READ MORE

What can I do to achieve a smaller chin, decrease lower facial fat to give me a more refined jaw line? (photos)

I have edited the following picture with my actual face on the left and what I would ultimately like to achieve on the right. I apologise for how... READ MORE

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