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What Can I Do About a Small Bumpy Chin?

My chin is very small and receeding. The area around my chin is despressed, with a donut like mass in the middle, dimple in the middle and all. I... READ MORE

Is my chin too small? (photos)

So basically, I'm aware that my chin is small. I know it is. But I'm wondering if I could get opinions on the state from another set of eyes, my... READ MORE

Should I Get Chin Surgery Early for my Labiomental Fold As Im Only 19? (photo)

Im 19 years old and have a small chin with a labiomental fold which doesn't help. Im 6"3 and my face profile doesn't match my body which makes me feel... READ MORE

My chin is far back. Do I need Implant or surgery? (photos)

My chin is far back do i need implants or surgery? i have a small lower jaw. READ MORE

I Have a Small Chin. I Want to Augment It but I Am Concerned with Bone Loss from Implants, Etc? (photo)

I am a 20 year old female. I have a square jaw which I love but my chin is very small. My frontal view of my face looks square as I do not have very... READ MORE

Is my chin small for my face? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old male. My lower jaw and chin seem unbalanced and makes me look baby faced. I have wide cheekbones and my jaw is strong from the side,... READ MORE

What Are the Options for my Small Chin?

Hello, I have a somewhat of a small chin that has always bothered me when I see my profile. I do not want to get a full on chin implant because it... READ MORE

I have a small chin and possible retrognathia. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hi. I think I have retrognathia, as I can clearly see that there is a problem with jaw alignment,teeth don't meet and It's difficult to open my mouth,... READ MORE

I know that my chin is small, but could you tell me what is the name of the problem that I have? (Photo)

When I eat chewy food my jaw hurts after some bites. Someone could tell me why? A dentist once told me that my jaw was too small for my age (I was 11... READ MORE

Could a chin augmentation help me ? (photos)

I have this little ball in my chin everytime I close my mouth but it's only on my right side , also I notice from the side my chin looks very small... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgery remedy for a long face, low cheek bones? Drooping face. (photo)

I have a very long face with low, what I would call flat cheek bones. My facial features are too small and my face always looks droopy. What would be... READ MORE

Ideal ratio for aesthetically beautiful chin/mouth?

I understand all faces are different, and there's no perfect answer, but what are the general guidelines/ratio for an aesthetically pleasing chin?... READ MORE

I have a small face, I would like to add vertical length and projection to my chin and jaw line, options? (photos)

I am 18 and i am 6 feet tall but my face is very small over a long neck which makes it look wierd mainly my chin is very small and less projected... READ MORE

How far up on the chin/jaw can a sliding genioplasty go?

Hi. I'm very interested in a sliding genioplasty. I have a small chin in all dimensions. Can a sliding genioplasty be more higher up, as to increase... READ MORE

Chin implant or fillers? (photos)

I really want to get a chin implant, and have a very small chin. Is there a bigger cost the bigger the problem? My chin is very small. Also, would... READ MORE

My face one side look low than the other. I am from India living in Bangalore please suggest me what kind of treatment? (photo)

Hi my face one side look blow than the other one I am from India living in Bangalore please suggest me what kind of treatment I can go for and I feel... READ MORE

i have a small jaw and I'd like to make it look more normal. Any suggestions? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, So my jaw is not going to grow anymore. I was thinking in using GH hormone to make it grow more,but i don't know much about it. READ MORE

My face is small when compared with my body.

My face is small when compared with my body. My face in round shape and I got normal cheek not so big. Even my face look small. When I have long hair... READ MORE

Hi, I had Calcium Hydroxyaptite bone granules into my chin 20 years ago which caused severe edema in my lower face?

Another surgeon went in after the operation several times to scrape it back as I looked very masculine and have a small petite face. Since then this... READ MORE

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