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Can a Long Face Be Fixed with Plastic Surgery?

My face is very long, I have both a large forehead and a larger chin. I would not be interested in fillers to make it wider because I feel it would... READ MORE

How can I shorten my super long chin? It gets even worse when I smile. (photo)

I have a very long, oval, face and I'm looking for a way to make it not seem as long. My chin is definitely bigget and when I smile it gets even... READ MORE

I Want Further Shorten Previously Shortened Chin, What is Best Method, is my Goal Achievable? (photo)

I used photoshop to give idea of what I want. I'm smiling so that makes my chin more prominent. Few years ago was told there's soft tissue in... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Reduction? If So How Much Can It Be Reduced? (photo)

From a profile view my chin looks proportional but from a frontal view it's large and roundish especially when I smile. update: I have a... READ MORE

Is Chin Augmentation the Best Option for me?

Hi. I'm 20 years old(live in Norway).I've always hated the shape of my face and how my face looks in a profile. I contacted a surgeon, sent... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for sliding genioplasty to make my chin advanced forward and shortened?

Hello, so I've been self conscious about my chin and jaw for quite some time! My chin could be described as "weak" since it goes somewhat backwards,... READ MORE

Could I shorten my midface? (Photo)

I am looking to shorten my long face, but feel that most of the length comes from the space between my eyes and mouth. I have been researching... READ MORE

Are these expectations reasonable for a chin reduction genioplasty (shortening and narrowing)? (Photo)

I feel like my chin/lower face is too long and too wide/"square" - I feel like it makes me look masculine. I've attached pics of what I'd like to get... READ MORE

V line surgery? Can the surgery not only narrow the area but also shorten the jaw line?

Hey doctors. I find my jawline not in proportion to the rest of my face. If I gain weight, it sit on my cheeks which makes me feel heavy in the area... READ MORE

Can a chin reduction eliminate my chin dimple and also shorten my elongated chin? (photos)

My chin makes my face look very long and not proportionate. I also want to get rid of the dimple In my chin that makes me very self conscious. When I... READ MORE

Is this my new chin? Can it be reversed? 2 month post-op sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I am devastated with the results. My chin is too prominate and tilted up, causing my lower face to look short with a large step off felt on the right.... READ MORE

Possible to Shorten the Chin Vertically + Get an Implant Under Local Anesthesia? (photo)

Is it possible to shorten the chin vertically (by something such as burring down the bone - not by sliding genioplasty) and get an implant for... READ MORE

Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty options? How much shorter do you think I should make my chin? (Photo)

Hello, I have always been uncomfortable with the general length of my head and chin. My main concern is my chin and I would very much like genioplasty... READ MORE

What would be the Cost of chin shortened? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and thinking about turning to surgery to shorten chin, what would be the average cost for this to be done and what happens after the... READ MORE

Would a chin reduction be possible? (Photo)

I want my chin to be shorter, and i mean very short. I want my chin to look like Kate Micucci's. I uploaded a picture of my lip being glued down, when... READ MORE

How to shorten a long face? (photos)

Hello, I have quite a long face and I was wondering what type of surgery would make it appear shorter? I'm assuming it would be chin shaving? READ MORE

I did a sliding genio to the front, now my chin seems longer. I want a shorter chin, is it possible? With what methods? (Photo)

Do I need to do a sliding genie to the back or can I just shave (or any other techniques)? And what are the estimated costs. I was wondering what the... READ MORE

Chin Reduction to Shorten a Very Long Face

I have a very long face (23 cm), mostly because I have a big forehead and chin, though my mid face is fairly longer than average too. I would like to... READ MORE

Will Lefort 1, BSSO and Genioplasty Leave Me with Saggy Skin?

I have an anterior open bite, increased vertical height in the lower third of my face and lip incompetence. After 1 year in braces I'm due to have... READ MORE

3 Months Post Sliding Genioplasty and I Hate the Result. What Are My Options?

My face looks much longer and narrower than before and I look older. My cheeks appear pulled in and I've lost the definition of my cheekbones. The... READ MORE

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