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I have a pointy chin that sticks out when I smile due to a large mentalis muscle. Could I still get a chin reduction?

When the problem is with the muscle, is shaving down the bone still effective in reducing chin size? I have heard botox can help in large doses but it... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Jawline Reduction Surgery in New York City

I am planning on getting a Mandibular Reduction/Jawline Contouring/V line osteotomy/Jawline Reduction. I am not sure what the procedure is... READ MORE

How much to get chin/jaw shaved down for symmetry? (Photo)

I like my facial structure for the most part, at most I would do a little shaping on my nose and filler in my lips, but my jaw and chin is noticeably... READ MORE

Is my chin too large whenever I smile? (Photo)

I know that I am a male, and I am aware that I am only 18 and still have the developing to continue... I just don't feel comfortable with how large... READ MORE

What type of procedure is best & most natural looking for chin reduction? Mine is pointy. (photos)

I am a teen, but NOT looking for getting work done now. I just wanted to see what my options were so when I am old enough I will have knowledge about... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment for square jaw/recessed chin: sliding osteotomy at mandible angle or shaving of angle only? (Photo)

Which? 1. sliding osteotomy 2. jaw shaving and filler. I am 52 years old so sagging skin does not help squaring of jaw. I am willing to travel abroad... READ MORE

Chin Reduction- What to expect/What is possible?

I'm 24 and ever since my rhinoplasty last Sept my chin has been driving me absolutely insane. Love my new nose but I feel like it now makes my chin... READ MORE

Is it possible to shave my chin down a little and make my jawline smooth instead of jagged? How much might it cost? (Photo)

Basically, I want my chin made a little smaller so it makes my face a little shorter and so it runs smoothly with my jawline. But still has the same... READ MORE

Doctor in Los Angeles that can change the shape of my mandible using jaw shaving technique to make my face slimmer? (photo)

Hello I am a 24 years old female. I feel that I have a masculine jawline and I would like to make it look more feminine so that my face could appear... READ MORE

How to shorten a long face? (photos)

Hello, I have quite a long face and I was wondering what type of surgery would make it appear shorter? I'm assuming it would be chin shaving? READ MORE

How should I approach a chin reduction? (photos)

I really hate my chin. From the side, I look like a witch, to put it bluntly. I'm pretty okay with my chin when I'm not smiling, but as soon as I... READ MORE

How to get the shape of my face back?

Female / Long Face Had 5mm Burred but Now Chin Looks Flat & Square As Point Was Shaved off.  High - long forehead now also appears bigger... READ MORE

I have had two chin augmentations, the second to correct the first and am still unhappy with the results. Any suggestions?

First surgery was a winged implant(silicon) which made my chin too wide and bone grew over the implant. Second surgery: removed the implant, shaved... READ MORE

Is my chin asymmetry treatable? (Photo)

I'm very self-concious about my assymmetric chin. People tend to subconciously smooth-out facial asymmetries, but in photos it is dead obvious.... READ MORE

4 days post-op - genioplasty care

Hi, had a sliding genioplasty four days ago. Couple of complications with a lot of bleeding but calmed down now. Do I need bed/sofa rest? How fragile... READ MORE

Are lumps around my chin normal 1 week post op of chin reduction (shaving)?

Hey there doctors, my names Alexis I'm 25 and just had a chin reduction on 2/21/17. Today I noticed while slightly rubbing against my jawline down to... READ MORE

Deterioration of Lower Facial/jaw Muscle

I had consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon discussing alternative to orthogonathic surgery (which im not considering) to shave the angle jaw... READ MORE

Chin bone reduction for a woman? (photos)

I want to shorten my long face by having a chin reduction. What type of reduction is suggested and how much can I shave off? I am having trouble... READ MORE

Chin bone shaving then the muscle of dimple snipped. What are my options? (photos)

What procedure is best to reduce the dimple chin i am thinking of having chin shaving to smooth out the dimple on bone then the muscle of dimple... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry. Jaw and chin shaving surgery. (photo)

Hello. I wanted some input regarding my facial asymmetry and what type of surgery would be best to correct it. I have a long, protruding chin and my... READ MORE

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