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Is Chin Augmentation the Best Option for me?

Hi. I'm 20 years old(live in Norway).I've always hated the shape of my face and how my face looks in a profile. I contacted a surgeon, sent... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the shape of the chin or jawline?

I have a very U-shaped chin/jaw. It's not terribly strong or square, and I don't have a protruding chin, though I've always wanted more taper to my... READ MORE

Are Chin Bone Graphs Possible? (photo)

Hi, I'm a twenty two year old man who had a sliding genioplasty done about a year ago. My chin was advanced 7 mm. My reason for having the procedure... READ MORE

Do I have lower chin? My face looks curve-shaped. Is there a problem on my jaw or chin? (Photo)

Hi I noticed something different from my side profile but I am not sure If it is lower chin. My face looks ) shaped. Is there a problem on my jaw or... READ MORE

I don't know what is wrong with my chin, is it broken or uneven?

I have always had a weird shaped chin. It is bigger on one side and has strange dimples when I smile that are not attractive. I think it's excess fat... READ MORE

I want a Diamond Chin instead of my Dimple Chin "aka" Butt Chin? (photo)

Can it be done? If so, what do you recommend be done in order to accomplish this? Surgery, Artefill, Radiesse any other unique proceedure? READ MORE

How much is it for chin reduction? And how painful is it afterwards? And would I be able to get any chin shape I wanted? (Photo)

I hate my chin i feel like is very blokeish how a mans should be. When i was a kid i was bullied and a kid out a hoop round me an pulled it backwards... READ MORE

I have always been insecure about my chin length and shape. Wondering what my options are? (Photo)

My over all face shape has always been an insecurity of mine, but my attention is heavily focused on my chin. I'm almost twenty years old and I simply... READ MORE

How can I fix this witch's chin? (Photos)

I have what people consider a "witch's chin" and it makes me extremely insecure. It ruins my smile, profile, and shape of my face. I don't know why it... READ MORE

Can sliding genioplasty change the shape of my chin? I want a V-line looking chin.

I want a V-line looking chin and I am wondering if sliding genioplasty can do that? I have a weak chin too. READ MORE

How to get the shape of my face back?

Female / Long Face Had 5mm Burred but Now Chin Looks Flat & Square As Point Was Shaved off.  High - long forehead now also appears bigger... READ MORE

How would I fix my jawline? (Photo)

I've noticed lately how misshaped my face is. I've become very embarrassed to even look at people now. How would I go about with fixing it? Clearly... READ MORE

Can I change my face shape? (photos)

My chin is uneven, my jaw goes far more to the left than the right but my main concern is the length and shape of my chin. From the side it is drawn... READ MORE

Procedure to make a big, round face into a small, V shaped face? (photos)

Please do not recommend buccal fat removal or botox in the masseter. I have seen the results of those procedures and none of them make a difference at... READ MORE

Long chin that juts out when I smile.

My smile is slightly recessed from my side profile but its long and large from the front , this gets worse when i smile and takes away from my smile.... READ MORE

6.5 weeks post op 2nd chin augmentation/reduction. My chin looks so much rounder now! What should I do? (Photo)

I had 2 chin aug. recently. One right before thanksgiving and A different surgeon just 4 wks later and had that done on Chist. Eve. I am currently 6.5... READ MORE

Can doctors remove the injection of polyamide I received and reconstruct the shape of my chin? (Photo)

I received the injection of polyamide in 2011 to enhance chin and give it the appearance of a lean face. Since 6 months ago it has begun to shift out... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin reduction? (Photo)

I know I want a rhinoplasty but I am also very dissatisfied with my chin. To me it seems too long and an odd shape, esp. When I smile as the sift... READ MORE

Had a sliding genioplasty. Will the shape of my chin change much after the two week post-op mark or am I stuck like this?

Two weeks ago, I got a rhinoplasty, sliding genioplasy, & submental liposuction all at once. My chin was advanced by 8mm, but it seems to be going... READ MORE

Is it possible to change my chin shape? (photos)

Is it possible to change my chin shape? I don't like how it's round and everything and I want it flat or at least a little flat. I also have a problem... READ MORE

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