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Jaw Reduction, is Botox a Permanent Solution?

About jaw reduction, is botox injection permanent or not? because some say yes and no. Also, about the masseter shaving, the surgical operation, what... READ MORE

Revision Genioplasty and Nerve Damages?

Hi, I had a 5 mm advancement bony sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago. The swelling is almost gone, but I noticed my chin is not symetric, it's like... READ MORE

If Your Mental Nerve is Very Low on Your Chin Can You Still Have a Sliding Genioplasty?

I can fill with my fingers my mental nerve in my chin. I have a short chin vertically and the mental nerve feels as if it is almost at the bottom of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Chin Reduction Without Altering Bone?

I have a slight cleft chin that looks good when my face is at rest, but projects too far when smiling. Is it possible to sculpt the soft tissue around... READ MORE

Chin Osteotomy + Chin Augementation?

I understand the types of risk associated with this type of procedure. But I would like to know the minimum and maximum cost of the Chin Osteotomy in... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis after Sliding Genioplasty - how is it avoided and how common is it ? (photos)

Hi! I am planning to have a sliding genioplasty to fix my weak chin as I do not like the idea of an implant. I am looking into the risks associated... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Titanium Plate Allergy Risk?

What is the risk of having an allergic reaction to the titanium plate used in the sliding genioplasty? I have heard of some people having an allergy... READ MORE

Is reversing a Sliding Genioplasty successful? What about post op complications?

Im one month post op sliding genioplasty, really regret doing the surgery it makes my face look longer and narrower besides my lips are more... READ MORE

What are sliding genioplasty risks?

I've asked a few questions on here and came to the conclusion that sliding genioplasty would be my best option. My only concern are the risks (damage... READ MORE

Chin sticks out - want the most mild type of surgery.

My chin has always been sticking out more than it should. i went for a consultation and the doctor said the best option was to cut the jaw from the... READ MORE

I Have a Small Chin. I Want to Augment It but I Am Concerned with Bone Loss from Implants, Etc? (photo)

I am a 20 year old female. I have a square jaw which I love but my chin is very small. My frontal view of my face looks square as I do not have very... READ MORE

Dynamic chin ptosis - surgery? (photos)

Hi. I've always felt bad when seeing photos of myself smiling in profile because of my chin dropping down. I can actually move my chin up and down, so... READ MORE

Sliding chin genioplasty? (Photo)

I want more information on a sliding chin genoplasty? Would it be recommended for me? I don't want my chin to get any bigger I just want a longer more... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove Genioplasty screws beyond 6 months post op? (photo)

Had sliding genioplasty 3mnths ago for aesthetical reason-Bad experience with healing and depression -tinanium screwes cause some pain from time to... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Chin Surgery?

I have a long middle face and a receding chin and I'm considering getting surgery to improve it. If I find a qualified and experienced doctor, how... READ MORE

Is it possible to safely combine sliding genioplasty with a chin implant to achieve increases in projection of 20mm or greater?

I'm a man with a very prominent nose (wont change it at this point), and weak chin that sits 20mm behind my upper lip. My bite is good. Can I safely... READ MORE

Nerve Damage Risks with Jaw Surgery?

One side of my jaw slightly sticks out more than the other. I would like this corrected, it's only the very edge of my jaw that would need... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Titanium Plate Risk?

With a sliding genioplasty I understand that you will have titanium placed in chin. While titanium is medically one of the safest metals, I have read... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation-sliding Genioplasty Surgery. How Dangerous is It?

Hello to everyone.I am a candidate for sliding genioplasty surgery since my lower jaw is shorter than it should be.I have also posted a photo of mine... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis: Is mentalist re suspension worth the risk?

Chin reduced,intraoral incision. Mentalist stitched low. Worst thing,the area right below the lower lip protrudes, bulges when you smile. (Not normal... READ MORE

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