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Reverse Lower Jaw Surgery, to Correct Upper Jaw?

I had lower jaw surgery(moved back)5 years ago. My teeths are now closing correctly but when i smile my upper teeths looked far back, and my whole... READ MORE

Is reversing a Sliding Genioplasty successful? What about post op complications?

Im one month post op sliding genioplasty, really regret doing the surgery it makes my face look longer and narrower besides my lips are more... READ MORE

Is this my new chin? Can it be reversed? 2 month post-op sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I am devastated with the results. My chin is too prominate and tilted up, causing my lower face to look short with a large step off felt on the right.... READ MORE

Will the step off and double chin subside? Should I get this reversed? Will I look the same as before? (Photo)

I am so depressed post sliding genioplasty. It has been 8 wks since the surgery (done by an oral maxillofacial surgeon). I find my chin more... READ MORE

Would a doctor operate on my chin a fourth time?

I've had three sliding genioplasty surgeries because of surgical error and failed objectives. I want to reverse my sliding genioplasty. Will a doctor... READ MORE

How to fix an uneven chin? I have had two genioplasties. (photo)

One to move the chin forward 8mm which ended up being too projected for my face, and then a second to reverse it slightly 4mm. The result has left my... READ MORE

After multiple surgeries, can my chin be reversed to its original position? (photos)

I had BSSO and genioplasty. The genioplasty did not go well (large vertical gap, crooked) and was corrected a month later in a 2nd surgery. This 2nd... READ MORE

What do the results of a reverse sliding genioplasty look like?

Are there any online posts of legitimate photos pre-op, post op and then reversed? I feel they would help me understand how the soft tissues respond... READ MORE

Removed medpor chin implant and replaced it with sliding genioplasty. How soon can it be reversed?

Hi. Hated my large chin implant and finally had it removed. To fill out the caviy i had sliding genioplasty. I am just 2 weeks post sliding genio and... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a sliding genioplasty 3 months after surgery? What are the risks?

What are the risks and chances of complications from reversing a 7mm sliding genioplasty 3 months post op? I have not been able to find much... READ MORE

I had 12 mm chin advancement by surgery. Will reversing genioplasty help in resolution of tightness?

I had 12 mm chin advancement by sg, i feel tightness and weird feeling , its been 2 months. Reversing geneoplasty help in resolution of tightness??... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty 3 months ago - want to reverse the procedure asap.

Is it possible my face will be like before? i am 24 yrs old, i hate my face since the advancement was 1 cm, it affected my front face making it long.... READ MORE

I had a vertical chin reduction and sliding genioplasty and I hate it. Is it possible to amend or reverse this process? (photo)

I had corrective jaw surgery (upper and lower) combined with a vertical chin reduction and sliding genioplasty. The reason for the chin movement was... READ MORE

Reversed chin angle? (Photos)

Hello, it's been 6months post op after my sliding chin genioplasty. my chin moved forward 6mm angled. i'm kinda satisfied with the result except that... READ MORE

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