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1 Month Post Sliding Genioplasty: Is This Swelling or Permanent?

I had this procedure done 1 month ago and I am very disappointed with the results. My chin now looks way too prominent(it actually sticks out of my... READ MORE

Bad Chin Reduction Results

I had my chin reduction done one week ago and I am totally unhappy with the result. This was nothing I expected at all. It looks like my doctor shaved... READ MORE

Is Chin Augmentation the Best Option for me?

Hi. I'm 20 years old(live in Norway).I've always hated the shape of my face and how my face looks in a profile. I contacted a surgeon, sent... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See the the Final Result of a Chin Reduction?

I know there are 2 kinds of chin reductions - bone removal and bone burring. When can you expect to see a general result from either? Will you see a... READ MORE

How to ensure sliding genioplasty results?

Dear doctors. Planning for sliding genioplasty, however, surgeon offered me expected post operation photos on the software only from my side profile,... READ MORE

Is this my new chin? Can it be reversed? 2 month post-op sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I am devastated with the results. My chin is too prominate and tilted up, causing my lower face to look short with a large step off felt on the right.... READ MORE

Deep labiomental fold and curved chin after sliding genioplasty. Will this subside with more time? (Photos

I'm 10 weeks post-op from a lower jaw advancement with a sliding genioplasty. My bite is fine now, but I am devastated with my chin results. Since I... READ MORE

In the absence of bimaxillary orthognathic surgery, will sliding genioplasty +custom alloplastics produce a good result? (Photo)

I am in the process of arranging to have a sliding genioplasty, and custom alloplastic implants for the mandible. Imaging is slightly out of date.... READ MORE

Can my genioplasty be reversed or improved? (Photo)

A month ago, I had lower jaw surgery and genioplasty (by a maxillofacial surgeon). Have no problem with the jaw result so fr, but I absolutely hate my... READ MORE

Worried about my jaw and chin op results. (photos)

On 21st June I had my bottom jaw broke and brought forward and my chin taken back. I feel my chin is still too big, and round. Will it change anymore,... READ MORE

Would a sliding genioplasty improve both chin and neck? (Photos)

I have an underdeveloped jaw and weak chin, which the orthodontic practices of the 1980s didn’t help. Now at 46, the skin is loosening under my chin. ... READ MORE

How soon after a chin implant can a genioplasty be performed (and the implant removed)?

I went to have a consult with a surgeon to increase the width and vertical height of my chin. I requested a genioplasty. My surgeon however... READ MORE

Chin augmentation surgery?

Dear doctors. planning for chin augmentation (bone approach). Saw my expected profile result on software & it was good. Surgeon talked about 2 nerves... READ MORE

Chin bone changes - shave one side? (photos)

As I get older I am noticing severing chin bone changes. I can't tell if it's fat/muscle deterioration, bone growth, or a combo of both (L. Photo). I... READ MORE

Post Sliding Genioplasty: Chin Sticks out Too Much - Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty Revision?

I recently got sliding genioplasty almost 2 weeks ago and I am not liking the results so far. My lower lip looks weird and my chin sticks out too much... READ MORE

What do the results of a reverse sliding genioplasty look like?

Are there any online posts of legitimate photos pre-op, post op and then reversed? I feel they would help me understand how the soft tissues respond... READ MORE

Reversed chin angle? (Photos)

Hello, it's been 6months post op after my sliding chin genioplasty. my chin moved forward 6mm angled. i'm kinda satisfied with the result except that... READ MORE

Fibrosis happened if 3 times surgeries are carried out in 3 months? (Photo)

13 June 2016 was my first time chin implant surgery, the implant used is Chimera. The result was bad. 15 July 2016, was my second time surgery, the... READ MORE

Chin bone and soft tissues

How should a chin bone reduction be done to prevent results of issues with the soft tissues hanging below the mandible chin bone? READ MORE

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