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How Can a Chin Cleft Be Removed? Botox, Cutting the Fascia of Mental Muscle?

How are the results of using Botox, are there any complications? Can it be also done by cutting the fascia of mental muscle? READ MORE

Loose Skin After Chin Implant Removal- "Chin Ptosis Repair, or "Skin Ellipses"

I Had a large chin implant removed 2 yrs ago at 30, with a skin ellipses to avoid extra/loose skin. However, the skin is loose/ fleshy (orig surgery... READ MORE

Screw and Plate Removal from Chin, should I use a plastic surgeon or oral maxiofacial surgeon? Is this procedure difficult?

I have hardware (5 screws and plate) in my chin from genioplasty 12 years ago. The hardware has been bothering me ALOT for a while and it has been... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Plate Removal?

I had a sliding genioplasty roughly a decade ago with Lefort surgery on the upper jaw. Anyways I would like to have the genioplasty step plate removed... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Removal of Bio Alcamid in my Chin in Dubai

I did it 5 years ago and know i want to have gynoplasty because i have retracted chin READ MORE

What do you suggest to remove peach fuzz on face (female)? (photos)

Both my sister AND me have peach fuzz on our faces--to the extreme . It literally looks like we have white beards. Shaving is not an option because a)... READ MORE

How to remove Chin dimple Caused by Chin Reduction surgery?

I've had Chin Reduction surgery a month ago, I've noticed a dimple on my chin that i never had before the surgery, my doctor told me that it can be... READ MORE

Removal of extra "cartilage/fat" at end of my chin that makes it stick out, along with a nose job. (photo)

My entire life I've always been extremely self cautious about my face. I would like to know what can be done to reduce the fat on the end on my chin... READ MORE

How much tissue is typically taken out during a submental chin reduction?

I feel like the question is probably fairly self-explanatory, but I was just curious if the amount of tissue removed can be somewat predetermined, or... READ MORE

How do I get the hump of fat removed from my chin? (Photo)

My chin pokes out way to far. Ive been made fun of all my life and i think if i got my jaw fixed then id be so much happier with myself. So i just... READ MORE

Can doctors remove the injection of polyamide I received and reconstruct the shape of my chin? (Photo)

I received the injection of polyamide in 2011 to enhance chin and give it the appearance of a lean face. Since 6 months ago it has begun to shift out... READ MORE

Malar implants placed 3 years ago and it took about 2 years for the swelling to subside - Can the be removed?

I had malar implants placed 3 years ago, and am now 38. they have caused sagging, marionette lines and jowls. the right implant/cheek sags and has a... READ MORE

If an infection should arise before my surgery date, would my Chin Implant need to be removed immediately?

I'm having a chin-implant removed in 2 weeks by a plastic surgeon. I've had the implant for 20 years, but it recently shifted and looks bad. I have no... READ MORE

Is the surgeon can fix my chin to remove the filler injection through surgery? (photos)

I had chin injection 13 years ago and it become overprojected and looks so weird from the side and also from the front. My nose is slightly deviated... READ MORE

How does a cleft chin removal work? (photos)

I have a rather LARGE cleft chin, I am looking forward to getting it removed when I'm older. The questions are: how much would it cost and what is the... READ MORE

What surgery can remove my cleft chin? (Photos)

What surgery can remove my cleft chin and make it even (currently one side is slightly longer than the other). I'm open to all options and prices,... READ MORE

Worsened lip incompetency after chin augmentation, how soon can I remove/replace it?

I got a silicone chin implant (6mm) three weeks ago intrabucal via, prior to that I already had some lip incompetancy, I had to manually close my lips... READ MORE

Chin vertical height reduction. Is this realistic? (photos)

I am 29 years old and have always been aware that my facial proportions could be more attractive, I have a long face. Surgically lowering my hairline... READ MORE

My Chin Implant Was Removed 4 Days Ago Because of Infection.How Long Bfore It Clears Up?

I Am on Antibiotics (Cefadroxil 500mg) through this Wed. He put in 3 stitches in after removing the implant. I still have pus oozing out of the area. READ MORE

Mentalis suspension surgery. Chin ptosis after implant removal. I need doctor recommendations? (Photos)

I had surgery for chin was a silicon implant and surgery done from inside my mouth.had a problem with the wound that wouldn't heal. i had... READ MORE

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