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Chin Reduction Surgery - What to Expect?

Hello, I am having a chin reduction to correct a over-projected chin. There isn't a lot of information on RealSelf or the internet about this... READ MORE

Is Chin Reduction Possible Without Touching the Bone- Tissue Only?

I do not like my chin at all. It sticks out and when I smile it makes me look like a whitch. By playing with the skin it seems as if if the skin/chin... READ MORE

Bone Osteotomy to Reduce AND Round off a Long, Pointy Chin?

I have a vertically long & pointy chin & am wanting to save up to have a chin reduction. I have made up my mind that it is what I want but I... READ MORE

Reduce chin and shape jaw? (photos)

I feel as though I have a larger lower half of my face, as in long. I have an extremely narrow face, with a long chin (especially when I smile, and... READ MORE

What type of surgery would I need to reduce the fleshy bit on my chin so it doesn't protrude? How much would it cost? (photos)

I have what seems to be a ball of flesh on my chin, and it makes me incredibly self-conscious. I was wondering what type of surgery I would need and... READ MORE

I have a cleft chin and I don't like it at all. I don't want to undergo something serious. What are my options?

I have a cleft or dimple chin and it doesn't suit me. It's not my bone structure it's like tiny pieces of meat or something. I don't want to undergo... READ MORE

Big chin, asymmetry. What would be the best correction option? (Photo)

I've got a long and asymmetrical chin. Even more so, my whole jaw is assymetrical, one side being significantly wider than the other. What would be... READ MORE

Can 5-FU be used on the chin/mentalis muscle to break down scar tissue adhesions and reduce dimpling?

I have mentalis strain after genioplasty. I'm told it's scar tissue. Can 5-FU be injected to decrease the dimpling/wrinkling and strain? I never had... READ MORE

Uneven jaw. What's the best way to correct it? (photo)

Hello, I have very noticeable uneven jawline. What's the best way to correct it. I am thinking to have botox to creat a v shape face, just have bit... READ MORE

My chin is fleshy and long. It protrudes more when I smile. What procedure do I need to reduce it for a natural look? (Photo)

What could I do to get a better side and front profile. It ruins my life and I've been bullied to the point where I know I am not normal for others to... READ MORE

Removal of extra "cartilage/fat" at end of my chin that makes it stick out, along with a nose job. (photo)

My entire life I've always been extremely self cautious about my face. I would like to know what can be done to reduce the fat on the end on my chin... READ MORE

What options are there to surgically or non surgically make my chin not protrude? (Photo)

What options are there to reduce my chin i hate it it makes me feel so low as i dont like the way my profile looks everyone ove asked says its fine... READ MORE

Are there other ways to reduce the size of chin besides chin reduction surgery? (Photo)

I would prefer not to have chin reduction surgery so I was wondering if there were any other procedures that could make my chin appear smaller. I... READ MORE

Is my chin asymmetry treatable? (Photo)

I'm very self-concious about my assymmetric chin. People tend to subconciously smooth-out facial asymmetries, but in photos it is dead obvious.... READ MORE

I would like to 'fix' my chin by reducing the cleft and overall distance it protrudes from the rest of my face? (photo)

I would like to 'fix' my chin by reducing the cleft and overall distance it protrudes from the rest of my face. It seems those features could be toned... READ MORE

My chin is big....i would like to reduce my chin. (photo)

I would like to reduce my chin to becomes my face is small and circle... READ MORE

What is the best option to reduce an elongated jaw/chin? (Photo)

I am uncertain about whether it is my chin or jaw which is causing the problem. I have a small petite face and features I would like my chin to be... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis: Is mentalist re suspension worth the risk?

Chin reduced,intraoral incision. Mentalist stitched low. Worst thing,the area right below the lower lip protrudes, bulges when you smile. (Not normal... READ MORE

Is there really a way to reduce excess soft tissue in the chin? Please help

Chin reduction via bone shaving left uneven bulky look from the front. A Maxiofacial doctor tried to tighten to give a v shape (yay!) Looked great,... READ MORE

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