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How long is sliding genioplasty and Rhinoplasty recovery time?

I am seriously considering sliding genioplasty for a bigger chin and more defined jawline. I also want rhinoplasty to thin my nose from the front. I... READ MORE

Numbness on Bottom Lip After Chin Surgery?

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery and the middle of my bottom lip still feels numb. Is that normal? Will it go away? READ MORE

I Need Vertical Lenth in my Chin, Chin Implant Not Helping,I Want a Enlongated Heart Shape Face.

I had chin implant doctor outside of US.The implant was boxy, gave me infection and was displaced so 2 mos back removed it and got a new silicone... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Surgeon Experienced in Chin Reduction in the Los Angeles Area? (photo)

Is it possible to have this done with out any screws? what is the recovery and cost? READ MORE

Chin Surgery Recovery

I am looking at chin surgery (getting a more pronounced look). Concern is that recovering from chin surgery is really slow, painful...based on things... READ MORE

Best Options for Chin, Jaw, Lower Face Profile?

What is my case? What is the cost for the specific surgery? What is the process of surgery? How long is full recovery? How long are doctors... READ MORE

Is it possible to safely combine sliding genioplasty with a chin implant to achieve increases in projection of 20mm or greater?

I'm a man with a very prominent nose (wont change it at this point), and weak chin that sits 20mm behind my upper lip. My bite is good. Can I safely... READ MORE

Could a chin osteotomy change my square-shaped face into longer, oval shaped face? (Photo)

I think the shape of my face is beautiful but it is rather short from a profile view. Is it possible to lengthen the jaw, not push it forward, but... READ MORE

What procedures do I need to enhance my chin & jawline area? Is it a good idea to get a rhinoplasty w/ chin augmentation?(photo)

Hello! I've always been tagged as a "baby face" and I don't appreciate it anymore because I'm already 25. Will I benefit from a combined chin and jaw... READ MORE

I am looking for suggestions to make my chin less prominent. I especially hate the way it make a my profile look. (photos)

I am interested in hearing about options that might help make my chin less prominent. My chin appears t stick out too far away from my chin. I believe... READ MORE

I want a smaller chin. I have a witch chin, that is too pointy and long. What is involved and how long is recovery time? (Photo)

I find my chin too long and pointy front on, side on it just out and is not in harmony with the rest of my face. My jaw alignment (teeth wise) is... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period for both a rhinoplasty and a chin reduction surgery?

What are the risks during and after a chin reduction surgery? How can you eat after a chin reduction surgery and what also happens if you have to... READ MORE

My question is, as a 33 year old, active healthy female , with one child, what is my best option to fix my double chin? (photo)

I am 5'3, 145 lb Crossfitter. At consultation,I was told to get a laser lift and chin lipo. I am no stranger to plastic surgery and recovery time, so... READ MORE

What's the best option for chin reduction? (Photo)

I have a pronounced chin and I would like to know what my options are to reduce it and make it more proportionate to my face. Please give me an idea... READ MORE

How long to recover from sliding genioplasty to correct a weak jawline? Not interested in an implant.

I have posted previously combined with lipo and neck lift. My surgeon claims all three in three weeks. If I have sliding geno on its own (I feel added... READ MORE

It's been 6 months since sliding chin. Will I get sensation back and can I do anything to recover faster? (Photo)

I had a sliding chin 6 months ago. I still can't feel the tip of my chin or the left side of my chin (I do have some tingling in my lip) . Also, I... READ MORE

Is it possible to undergo "Vertical Chin reduction surgery" AND "making cheek bones more prominent" within 1-2 days?

I am a 19 year old male. How much would this cost, what is the recovery time, and what other procedures would you suggest? READ MORE

Mentoplasty smile recovery

I had a mentoplasty 1 month and a half ago and I still can not smile properly. Is it normal? How much it will take me to recover my smile? Also I can... READ MORE

What is the recovery time of chin soft tissues reduction?

I'm really frustrated with the way my chin looks! it's so fleshy, rippled & doesn't go with the rest of my face bcuZ I have very soft features & my... READ MORE

24yo woman - Jaw refining/vertical chin shortening. How long would it take to recover? (Photo)

I've been thinking about having surgery to refine my jaw bone and reduce the length of my chin and to make my face more symmetrical. Would I be a... READ MORE

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