Ptosis + Chin Surgery

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Do Very Many Surgeons Know How to Adequately Do Mentopexy or Correct Chin Ptosis? Avg Cost?

Do very many surgeons know how to adequately perform mentopexy or correct chin ptosis? And how much does this procedure on average usually cost? READ MORE

Chin Pstosis After Reduction. Can This Be Corrected by Excision & Tightening?

I had chin reduction surgery by burring, the entire chin was degloved, it now sits loosley on the bone, not tight as it previously did. I understand a... READ MORE

Can any docors/patients refer me to the top specialists for Mentalis Resuspension, and revision chin surgery?

About 6 years ago I went to a local oral surgeon for revision sliding genioplasty (originaly done 23 years ago). The original sliding genioplasty 23... READ MORE

Does removing the plate and screws from a sliding genioplasty compromise the mentalis muscle?

I had a sliding genioplasty and will reverse it. I also have some soft tissue ptosis which I assume is the mentalis muscle and may need a mentalis... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis after Sliding Genioplasty - how is it avoided and how common is it ? (photos)

Hi! I am planning to have a sliding genioplasty to fix my weak chin as I do not like the idea of an implant. I am looking into the risks associated... READ MORE

Has anyone ever successfully resuspended the mentalis muscle to correct chin ptosis? (Photo)

I cannot find one single person who has had success with it. I had tried having my mentalis resuspended with my original surgeon and it was a failure,... READ MORE

Any surgeons in the US experienced with chin ptosis/witch's chin

I'm 21 & I've always been self conscious of my smile. I don't take pictures with friends/family ever because when i smile i have skin or something... READ MORE

Dynamic chin ptosis - surgery? (photos)

Hi. I've always felt bad when seeing photos of myself smiling in profile because of my chin dropping down. I can actually move my chin up and down, so... READ MORE

How is mentopexy performed and what are all the risks?

I probably need mentopexy for iatrogenic chin ptosis. I'm having a really hard time finding any information on it! READ MORE

Solution for Ptotic Lower Lip/Chin & Marionette Lines?

I had a sliding genioplasty done along with jaw advancement surgery about 20 years ago. I have droopy lower lip (tooth show) and bad marionette lines.... READ MORE

What to do about chin ptosis/dimpling after genioplasty? Lifelong nodule now causing uneven lip? (Photo)

I had lower jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty, then recently had the genioplasty reversed. Chin ptosis and dimpling occurred. Mentalis resuspension... READ MORE

Chin Ptosis: Is mentalist re suspension worth the risk?

Chin reduced,intraoral incision. Mentalist stitched low. Worst thing,the area right below the lower lip protrudes, bulges when you smile. (Not normal... READ MORE

Is this chin ptosis or scar tissue? (Photo)

I've had multiple surgeries on my chin bone through intraoral incisions. I appear to have a droopy chin. When I run my finger along the bony edge of... READ MORE

How high is the risk of chin ptosis after secondary chin surgery?

How high is the risk of chin ptosis after secondary chin surgery. Should ig occur, is there any chance that it will not be possible to correct? READ MORE

What's the best way to fix congenital dynamic chin ptosis?

With smile lipt procedure (have a look please) or corner lift done to the lip would it effect positively to my non lifting horizontal chin pad... READ MORE

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