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What Type of Chin Surgery Should I Have to Correct my Chin.

Looking for some advice on what to do with my chin. I do have an overbite, and I do not want to move my jaw and realign my teeth. I have a very... READ MORE

Help with weird chin!!!! What can I do to fix this? (photos)

I'm a girl with a very weird chin. I haven't seen any one else with this kind of chin except for my father. sigh. my chin is very broad and big.... READ MORE

Changes to Chin Structure and Lower Jaw Area to Improve Proportions?

I have inherited a boxy and rather elongated chin, with slight "bulging" around my lower cheek (this remains even when I have lost weight). When I... READ MORE

How to get the shape of my face back?

Female / Long Face Had 5mm Burred but Now Chin Looks Flat & Square As Point Was Shaved off.  High - long forehead now also appears bigger... READ MORE

I'm 20 year old male considering chin augmentation. Any suggestions? (photos)

While I understand that it is difficult to make an accurate judgement without a face to face appointment I would appreciate a professional opinion on... READ MORE

3 years ago my jaw was broken in 3 places how can I fix my face being disproportionate? (photos)

How can I fix the fact that the left side of my face looks different than the right. My jaw used to be very angular like in my first picture but now... READ MORE

What to do for slimmer face shape? (Chin/Jaw/Chin Augmentation/Botox/Reduction?) (photos)

Hi! So recently I have noticed that my chin seems to look very out of place with the rest of my face, it sticks out a lot more and makes my face shape... READ MORE

What do I need to do to my face to be proportional/identical to both sides? (Photos)

It looks like my chin is wrong and my lips have one side that's more "pouty" than the other side. Like my right side of my lip is bigger than the... READ MORE

Can the Proportions and Asymmetry of my Face Be Fixed with Plastic Surgery and Still Look Natural?

My concern is with the asymmetry between the left and right side of my face, and also with the gauntness in my cheeks which make my face appear too... READ MORE

Is there any doctor that does skilled forehead and chin augmentation in toronto? How much would it cost altogether?

I want to do a skull augmentation/ implant that enhances the forehead and the shape of my skull and a chin augmentation/implant that gives my face a... READ MORE

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