Pointy + Chin Surgery

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Would Jaw Surgery Help with a Pointy Chin and Make Smile Wider?

I have a witch profile. Would jaw surgery balance it out, or something else. Would Invisalign help? READ MORE

Chin Reduction Surgery - Options and Costs

I am considering chin reduction surgery as I feel it points out when I smile and I hate that... Could someone give me a recommendation for a fairly... READ MORE

Bone Osteotomy to Reduce AND Round off a Long, Pointy Chin?

I have a vertically long & pointy chin & am wanting to save up to have a chin reduction. I have made up my mind that it is what I want but I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix my Chin? What Procedure Would Be Needed? (photo)

Okay, so I feel like my chin is entirely too pointy and small for my face, and I hate it. I have a double chin too. I want to know what I could do to... READ MORE

Pointy Chin, Jaw Contouring? (photo)

I'm pretty sure my face shape is inverted triangle. I feel like my chin is too pointy, specialy when I smile and I alaways wanted more defined jaws.... READ MORE

Best Option to Fix Pointy Chin?

I have a chin like actress Reese Witherspoons. I really want the surgery but I'm scared of it not feeling natural or not being able to talk or eat... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my pointy chin? (Photo)

Hi There, I am 21 years old, with a pointy chin and pointy nose. My main concern is how to just round off my pointy chin just a little bit. What would... READ MORE

I have a pointy chin that sticks out when I smile due to a large mentalis muscle. Could I still get a chin reduction?

When the problem is with the muscle, is shaving down the bone still effective in reducing chin size? I have heard botox can help in large doses but it... READ MORE

24 year old with pointy chin? (photo)

Although that's not me in the picture, my face shape is exactly the same as this girl. I always feel uncomfortable about my chin and cheeks but am not... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my pointed chin? (photos)

My chin is very pointed when smiling and looks overly long. From the side it also bulbs out of my jaw line. Is there a way to reduce the size or do... READ MORE

What can I do about my prominent chin? (photos)

It looks pointer after rhinoplasty. Is there somethings I can do to correct this. It looks like fat is situated on my chin. It sort of looks like an... READ MORE

Would a chin reduction and/or lipo be suitable for me? (photo)

I feel that I have a very pointy chin, especially when I smile, and have what I feel is some extra tissue/fat surounding my chin area on either side... READ MORE

Does a sliding genioplasty always make the chin more pointy, or can it retain/achieve a square shape?

I'm a male in my 20s and I'm considering a sliding genioplasty to achieve greater chin width and length. I would not like to go for chin implants... READ MORE

What can I do about my pointy chin and manly jaw

How can I make the lower half of my face appear more feminine? I have a jaw and chin exactly like my dad and I have always been very self conscious... READ MORE

What type of procedure is best & most natural looking for chin reduction? Mine is pointy. (photos)

I am a teen, but NOT looking for getting work done now. I just wanted to see what my options were so when I am old enough I will have knowledge about... READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty be customized to widen the chin and also increase projection at the same time? (photos)

Can a sliding genioplasty be customized to widen the chin as well as increase projection at the same time? I have a narrow pointy chin that is also... READ MORE

What are the options for a pointy chin and to define jawline? (Photo)

What surgery/procedure would be best to get rid of a slightly pointy chin?Also,I feel as if I don't have a defined jawline and would like it to be... READ MORE

Can my chin be fixed? (Photo)

I had a v line surgery in Seoul in April 2014. Now my face looks unbalanced with the midface looking much wider and the chin looks long and pointy.... READ MORE

How Can I Change my Pointy Chin Shape? (photo)

I really dislike the shape of my chin, its too pointy and i feel as though it doesnt suit me! Thankyou in advance :) READ MORE

How to improve my chin and lips shape?

I have petite figure but round face and small nose.i want my chin to look more pointy or long like photomodels.(not an accesive one though) i want to... READ MORE

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