Osteotomy + Chin Surgery

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Bone Osteotomy to Reduce AND Round off a Long, Pointy Chin?

I have a vertically long & pointy chin & am wanting to save up to have a chin reduction. I have made up my mind that it is what I want but I... READ MORE

Will BSSO (Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy) Give Enough Chin Projection and Good Profile? Or is Genioplasty Needed As Well?

I planning to get my chin augmented without any implants. I want my chin to be more projected and a balanced part of my face. Should I choose only... READ MORE

Want V (tear/tapered shaped) defined jaw + chin projection. Sliding genioplasty & t osteotomy? Sliding genioplasty alone?(Photo)

I had a medium silicone chin implant placed that did nothing for my frontal view & actually looks lopsided when I smile, I do have facial asymmetry &... READ MORE

Chin Osteotomy + Chin Augementation?

I understand the types of risk associated with this type of procedure. But I would like to know the minimum and maximum cost of the Chin Osteotomy in... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment for square jaw/recessed chin: sliding osteotomy at mandible angle or shaving of angle only? (Photo)

Which? 1. sliding osteotomy 2. jaw shaving and filler. I am 52 years old so sagging skin does not help squaring of jaw. I am willing to travel abroad... READ MORE

Is there a less invasive way to fix my lack of chin/jawline than a sagital split osteotomy of the jaw? (photos)

I went to a clinic to enquire about how to fix the problem shown in the photos and they suggested the sagital split osteotomy of the jaw as the only... READ MORE

Is there a solution if I had a sliding genioplasty and years later decided to get a mandible osteotomy? (Photo)

Would the sliding genioplasty have to be revered or is my chin slanted enough that it wouldn't a problem if I eventually had both done? the... READ MORE

Could a chin osteotomy change my square-shaped face into longer, oval shaped face? (Photo)

I think the shape of my face is beautiful but it is rather short from a profile view. Is it possible to lengthen the jaw, not push it forward, but... READ MORE

How much bone is "lost" through the actual cutting process in osteotomies?

As with any type of sawing some "material" would get lost through the cutting process. I'm assuming it would be less when using i.e. a laser but I'm... READ MORE

Is shortening a face by 7 mm a drastic or subtle change? And will it make the face seem rounder?

I'm considering orthognathic surgery (Lefort I + bilateral sagittal osteotomies of mandibular ramus) & my oral surgeon says it will end up... READ MORE

Can a mandibular osteotomy, jaw implants and sliding genioplasty/chin implants be performed on the same surgery? (Photo)

I have a slight underbite where my lower teeth barely graze my upper teeth and I've been told that I'll eventually need a mandibular osteotomy... READ MORE

Can you get t-osteomamy and sliding genioplasty at the same time?

Hi there. I have a weak chin I want to bring it forward with the sliding genioplasty but I also want to reduce the chin a little bit by the... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for vertical chin shortening? (Photos)

I'm really unhappy with the vertical length and pointy-ness of my chin, particularly when I smile. I'd like to know the best approach (there seem to... READ MORE

Chin Wing Osteotomy in German, any surgeon to suggest?

Do you have the contact of some doctors that performs chin wing Osteotomy in German? READ MORE

I was looking at genioplasty, but a lower jaw osteotomy has been recommended. Is it my jaw or chin that's the issue? (Photo)

Hi, I've been very unhappy with my side profile and oblique view for a while now. When I jut my jaw forward (see pics), my profile looks much better,... READ MORE

Could any surgeons please give me some information on who can perform bespoke jaw implants in England to widen a narrow face?

I have had a bi-lateral osteotomy to improve my bite and a sliding genioplasy to lengthen my face. Now my face looks very thin and narrow at the jaw... READ MORE

I want to know what is vestibuloplasty surgery? And its role in chin osteotomy?

I had a sliding genioplasty and i think my jaw line changed and it gets bigger, bone graft can affect on that? READ MORE

Is it possible to set back my chin close to where it used to be after multiple surgeries on it? (Photo)

I had an advancement sliding genioplasty. I had to have a secondary surgery right after because the bone was not attached at all. I went to reverse... READ MORE

T-Osteotomy/V-Line Surgery in Toronto?

There seem to be a few doctors in North America who offer T-Osteotomy/V-Line Surgery, but in Toronto I can only find ones offering masseter botox,... READ MORE

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